5 Cool Rings For Men To Master Your Look

From Mikimoto to Harry Winston and David Yurman, cool rings for men have become an essential part of every man’s wardrobe and serve as both statement pieces and everyday accessories.

Cool mens rings are now perfectly acceptable to wear from the gym to the office. You can comfortably wear them with a boho bracelet for an elegant casual look or dress them up with a suit for a business style. rings offer a level of style, versatility, and comfort that other jewelry just can’t match.

With cool rings, men’s get different designs and materials from high-end designers and jewelry brands.

They are daring, yes. But you’re getting a level of attention to details and craftsmanship that mass-market brands can’t deliver.

Top 5 most popular cool rings for men in 2021

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All black rings

Men's Black Spinner Band, Black Ring, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel ring, Cool Ring

No list of the best coolest rings would be completed without 8mm Black Ring. The fashion ring design is one of the first to embrace black cool rings at its fashion expanse.

Best two-tone mens ring

David Yurman Cool Black Gold Ring


With its clean and trendy design, David Yurman emerged onto the jewelry scene in 1980, but that hasn’t stopped it from creating pieces destined to be in your jewelry box forever. If you’re buying your first cool ring, go for something that feature’s the brand’s signature rope-style twist like this Two-tone ring.

Pure silver rings for men

mens rings, Sterling Silver Mens Rings, 8MM Cool Dragon Silver Ring, silver rings,

Every man should own a Sterling Silver ring. They are easy to wear with nearly everything, and will instantly freshen up your look. silver rings don’t have to be boring, however. To be on-trend, check this Cool Dragon Silver Ring.


Most durable cool ring

Rose Gold Tungsten Men's Ring, grooved ring, Tungsten Men's wedding Ring,

Made with Tungsten, a high-resistant metal that ensures a high level of water resistance, Tungsten is one of the most durable ring metals on the market today. We especially love them in this cool brushed rose gold grooved ring look.


Most comfortable ring

bvlgari Cool Black rose Gold Ring


When Bvlgari first introduced the men’s wedding bands, it received rave reviews online for its build quality and comfort. Just put the B. zero1 two-band ring on your finger, and you’ll feel just like you’re wearing nothing!


Best vintage ring

gucci Cool vintage Ring


Gucci nailed the Interlocking G throwback design with this retro-inspired ring. Influenced by classic style from the ’70s, this vintage inspiration Ring with Interlocking G is reimagined through the Gucci lens as a celebration of both the past and present. is carefully distressed to look like an authentic vintage men’s ring.

2021 men’s rings trends: 5 trends you should know

Our editorial team reviewed hundreds of rings while compiling this list of the absolute best for 2021. This gives us a unique position to observe the trends that are shaping the world of mens rings this year.

Here are the 5 most important trends of the year:

  1. Bulky silhouettes: luxury brands are exploring bigger ring (10 wide) designs this year. A reminder to the large rings of the 90. 
  2. Minimalism: clean and simple design continue to sell, thankfully. 
  3. New tech: big jewelry manufacturers continue to push new limits to provide you with new functionality with smarts rings.
  4. Sustainability: likewise, big manufacturers are also embracing sustainability ring productions with alternative metals (see the Tungsten Market Report).
  5. High-fashion collaboration: We are waiting for the collaboration to also reach the jewelry market as this trend is now alive between big names like Dior x Nike and Prada x Adidas.

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Men’s Rings Culture: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best model of rings for men?

Platinum rings are one of the best metals for men because they are durable. Compared to gold, they are less prone to damage. They can also hold gemstones firmly so that the stone keeps the position longer. Of course, platinum’s rarity value makes it more expensive.

What are the coolest rings of 2021?

Super-fashionable John Hardy designers produces some of the coolest rings of 2021. Inspired by Bali the luxury shoemaker combines luxury materials, trustworthy craftsmanship, and edgy design to the world of men’s rings. The results are some of the most trendy men’s rings of the year with a sought-after distressed chain look.

How should men wear cool rings?

Men can wear rings as part of a casual outfit, or dress them up for a business easygoing day on the job. You just need to pick the right ring for the work.

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