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There were certain inventions that allowed for the invention of the motorcycle. In the early nineteenth century, incredible thinkers invented the bicycle and the steam engines. A man named, Pierre Michaux, invented the first pedal bike.  And Thomas Newcomen invented the precursor to the steam engine. Eventually, people thought about combining these two ideas into one. While there were many attempts at this idea, the first successful motorcycle with a combustion engine was invented by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in 1885. These two named their invention a riding wagon, who knew! 

Eventually, companies like Triumph, American Harley-Davidson, and Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company started creating their own motorcycles and starting to mass produce these convenient forms of transportation. Once World War II ended, motorcycle manufacturing could really take off. Why? This is because the government had improved road conditions making it safer for motorcycles to ride across the country. Plus, with the war effort ending, the cost of metal and raw materials for motorcycle production decreased. 

Motorcycles Today

Motorcycles are an incredibly useful form of transportation that is cheaper than traditional automobiles. This form of transportation is incredibly common in Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. Around two hundred million bikes hit the highway annually across the globe. It has also taken off in the United States of America where people join up and ride stretches of winding roads in North Carolina, tackle route 66 out west, or traverse the highways up North. 

The Brotherhood Of Motorcycles 

While there are traditional motorcycle clubs where people ride together, there is also an unofficial brotherhood between people who ride motorcycles. Everyone who loves motorcycles seems to be connected by the the lure of the open road and the adventure of the endless highway. This loves unites bikers and allows perfect strangers to pick up a conversation and converse about their hogs. 

One way to show your connection to your bike, when you are not biking, is to pick up a biker ring or a piece of jewelry that shows your love of the open road. Some of these rings have biker insignias on them, sketches of bikes, or even pictures of gears. No matter which cool ring you choose, you will have no trouble finding your biking brothers in public when wearing thee rings. 

Family tradition of Motorcycle Rings 

Biker rings are also a cool way to connect to members of your family members. Many biker rings have been handed down through families through generations. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate how biking has shaped your family, your legacy, and your future. 

So when people think about purchasing a motorcycle themed ring, it is not just a ring for them. This is a ring that will be handed down through their family for generations to come. This is why many of our motorcycle rings are made out of incredibly durable metals that stand up to the test of time. We know that if you love riding hogs, you probably know how to take a tumble or two in life. That is why we want to make sure your ring can hold up in your adventurous and chaotic life. 

Adventure Lovers 

A biker ring is a perfect way to commemorate a long trip on the road. If you created wonderful memories with friends, who became family, on the road, pick up a ring. This ring will commemorate the transformative power of the open road and bring a smile to your face every time you see it. 

It can also commemorate the impact that the biking community has had on your life as a whole. Many bikers join together to do good in their communities. For example, the charitable organization called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), has a long history of doing good in their communities. These bikers help empower children who have come from abusive homes or situations feel empowered and safe. 

No matter how a child has been abused, they are here to help. They help child victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse find a sense of community when theirs has abandoned them. These children often get a matching patch/jacket and have a positive adult role model who will check on them and make sure that they are okay. They will even go to court with the children to be a real presence in the court room so that the abuse survivor will feel comfortable telling their story. What an amazing organization and message! If you belong to this incredible group of people, a biker ring is one way to show your commitment to the organization.