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We see you, bro. 

You’re the kinda guy that gets up at 4 am, your sights firmly set on tracking that 10-point buck, aren’t you? Everyone else is still snug and warm in bed but you’re trudging your way in the dark, though the snow, before the sun is even up. You’re freezing your ass off, but, hey, it’s what you do. You’re a huntsman, fisherman and just an all-around cool, outdoor huggin’ dude. Camo is your life - so when you’re choosing a ring to go with your I-don’t-care-if-it’s-minus-20-degrees-out lifestyle, what could be more appropriate than camo? 

Our Camo Rings were made for you.

Did you know, by the way, that camouflage has been used for centuries by armies hiding from the enemy? Of course, you did. In fact, many successful campaigns have been waged and won by soldiers wearing those splotchy camo uniforms and helmets to conceal their whereabouts. Camo is even used to hide equipment such as tanks, military equipment, hiding places and installations as well as the humans it protects from enemy snipers. 

Prior to the invention of the modern rifle in the mid-1800s, soldiers always wore gorgeous, brightly colored uniforms. The British invading forces turned up in America clad in brilliant red, which looked stunning, but unfortunately made them sitting targets for the American Revolutionary forces determined to kick their butts out of the country. Not a good idea, to say the least. 

In 1940 The Army Corps of Engineers experimented with camouflage uniforms, and in 1943 the Marines were kitted out with reversible beach and jungle overalls with green and brown frog patterns. Since then, camo has become a natural part of modern warfare. In point of fact, Russian troops gathering on the Ukraine border are wearing fuzzy, white fur uniforms to disguise themselves in the snow. Diehard camo fans take note.

And talking of frogs, Mother Nature is also brilliant at concealing certain animals from becoming someone else’s tasty morsel. Wood ants, puffer fish, frogs, octopi and several types of birds hide themselves from hungry predators with their confusing coloration. It works wonders when you’re under attack. 

So why a camo ring? Well, it will look good on you, for a start. It will go with your other head-to-toe camo hunting gear. Our camo rings are built to last, too. They are thicker and more durable than a normal ring because we know you will want to wear yours on every hunting and fishing trip you take. Our fit is phenomenally comfortable. You can cast your line into the water, get your sights on that deer and pull the trigger without your ring feeling uncomfortable on your finger, or getting in the way of taking that perfect shot. 

Our materials are top quality. Our patterns are realistic with fresh, outdoorsy, inlaid camo designs. Your choices are huge. You can pick out a particular inlay and have it placed inside any of our metals, including tungsten. You can choose between smooth and beveled edges; we offer rings in a wide variety of different finishes, colors and styles. Check out our cool selection before you make a choice. They’re phenomenally well-made and are designed to last through a boatload of hunting seasons. Will they withstand the rough treatment they may get while you’re doing your thing at the water’s edge or in the woods, you may ask? What about when you’re gutting a fish or butchering your latest kill? Yes, yes and yes. Your camo ring will last forever, but if accidentally scratched, it can easily be repolished. 

Khaki and camo have been worn by huntsmen for decades. Camo has become an enormous industry and its everywhere nowadays, even on the world’s fashion runways. (Uh oh! Say it ain’t so, dude). Don’t let that put you off though. You have the manly, virile thing well under control. We consider a camo ring as the ultimate big guy statement, but then, we might be biased. 

Hey, even if you are not an outdoorsman, camo gives you the look that says you could be. And it shows you are well and truly on trend, even if that’s not your thing. 

Go for it.