Camo Wedding Rings

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Move over, prissy platinum. Take a hike, yellow and white gold. Get lost, plain silver. 

Camo is your thing. No, let’s re-phrase that. Camo is your life. You’re deep into the outdoors – so to speak. Not for you the ordinary, the plain, the generic, the same-as-every-other-guy’s-wedding-ring. You know who you are, and your choice of wedding ring will show everyone that although you’re getting married, you will still be the same guy you always were. Your buddies don’t need to worry on that score. You’re not about to change. Not that much, anyway.

(She loves that about you, by the way. You’re one lucky dude!).

Now that you’ve popped the question and she’s said yes, it’s time to find the ultimate ring to reflect who YOU are. The ring that speaks to you, the ring that shows her that you’re that guy she met and fell in love with, in the deer blind, that freeze-ass morning. You both love huntin,’ shootin,’ fishin,’ and mud boggin.’  And it looks as if your life together will continue the same way it started, in the snow, shivering with cold. You both know the drill all too well, getting up at dawn, dressed in head-to-toe camo, guns at the ready, a couple of hunting dogs riding along in the back of your pickup, ready to enjoy the big outdoors, while you bag yourselves a deer or two to bring home for the freezer. 

It’s what you do.

(Did we say you’re one lucky dude?)

Our original collection of camo wedding rings includes dope choices for hunters, fishermen, hikers and all you gutsy outdoorsmen. Fortunately for you, we have tons of cool ring varieties, with patterns and colors galore, so whatever your thing is, we’re sure to have it. Our rings are lightweight with a bunch of decorative styles to suit everyone’s taste. Like the idea of a realistic forest camo pattern with leaves? Mossy Oak camo? We’ve got it. Prefer a slightly more sophisticated look with polished beveled edges? How about a step edge ring? Yup. We have them too. 

Will your ring be durable? What about the color fading? Don’t worry on that score. Our rings don’t fade over time and are made to last. We make each ring comfortable, with long lasting materials and finishes. Our special comfort fit makes each ring feel great. It won’t pinch your trigger finger or get in the way of anything you need to do even while hauling heavy gear around. Some options will be more durable than others, so if you want to wear your ring every day in the great outdoors, check with us first if you need it to withstand unusually rough treatment. 

You can choose a camo inlay to go along with any one of our metal and non-metal options. Wood? Deer antler? Titanium? Zirconium? Tungsten? Carbon fiber? Or you can choose a plain camo design silicone ring. Just let your imagination run as wild as the outdoors you both love. She’ll adore what you choose, we promise. 

And by the way, what about a ring for her? Our rings are a little thicker than a typical woman’s ring, but hey, if she likes the look, why not spring for one for her too? Your girl can probably rock pretty much anything she wears. Matching wedding rings are super cool. Nothing says you are teamed up for life, that you have the same tastes, love the same things and are real hunting buddies, more than a pair of matching camo wedding rings. 

Changing lanes from the great outdoors, for a minute - even if you don’t hunt, shoot or fish, camo is one of the most popular choices these days for guys who say no to boring and traditional. You’re most definitely not an average dude, so why buy an average looking wedding ring? Your ring speaks volumes about you, so why tell everyone you are middle-of-the-road? A Mr. Average, you are not. 

Camo is everywhere these days. It’s one of the most popular designs in fashion ever to hit the stores. Even Chanel has camo gear, but don’t let that challenge your masculinity. Camo is the on-trendiest trend for those who are into style.

You’ll look the part even if you’ve never picked up a gun.