Carbon Fiber Rings

Carbon fiber is a space age, lightweight material that’s visually appealing

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Are you 10 times stronger than steel?  Is your love? Then carbon fiber is the perfect choice for your ring. Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel.  This incredible material is made with the most cutting edge technology. And it is used in new machine parts, technological components, and more. Formula one racing cars are actually made out of this interesting material. 

This material is made out of thin fibers that are between .005 and .010 millimeters wide. These fibers are woven together to create a strong material that can be used in military applications, agricultural settings, and more. 

Carbon Fiber Ring Facts

Carbon fiber originally has a textured black finish. However, it can be polished and finished in white, yellow, or rose gold. No matter what you are looking for, we will find the perfect ring for you. Carbon fiber can be the entire portion of the ring or you can choose a ring that only has a carbon fiber inlay. 

Carbon Fiber Rings are Strong

Carbon fiber rings do not scratch! So no matter what life throws at you, it will not look worse for wear. These strong rings are going to look great with every outfit. No matter if you are a casual tee shirt and jeans man or a suit and tie boy, it will look amazing with your look. 

Sizing of a Carbon Fiber Ring 

Carbon rings should be sized carefully. Depending on the the of the carbon fiber ring, it may or many not be able to be resized. So make sure that you measure your finger multiple times before committing to the size. 

If you are looking for a lightweight every day ring, carbon fiber might be right for you. Carbon fiber is about twelve times lighter than a gold ring of the same weight. These rings will not break if you drop it on a hard tile floor. This happens with other non-metallic rings.

These rings are actually considered to be stronger than diamonds when you compare these rings with a strength to density ratio. One of the reasons why this is possible is because carbon fiber is made from  building blocks of organic polymers. 

Carbon Fiber and Allergens 

And if you are worried about allergies, carbon fiber is a great option for you. Carbon fiber is non-metallic so people with metal allergies can safely wear them without eliciting a reaction. 

How to clean a carbon fiber ring? 

Carbon fiber rings can easily be cleaned with household products. Just take your ring to the bathroom and wash it with a mild soap and warm water. Then wipe the ring with a soft microfiber cloth to dry it. And any small discolorations can easily be buffed out with fine grit sand paper.

In an Emergency 

If you are worried about an emergency situation, a carbon fiber ring is a great option. Carbon fiber rings are incredibly strong but they can be easily removed by emergency responders, doctors, or ambulance drivers. 

When choosing a carbon fiber ring, you can rest easy

Carbon fiber rings are conflict free so you do not have to worry about your new ring has been sourced. It is made by scientists in a lab so it is not mined using improper techniques or questionable ethical principles. 

Who should not wear a carbon fiber ring?

It is important to remember that carbon fiber rings can conduct electricity. So if you are an electrician or work directly with electrical currents, it would be a bad decision to wear a carbon fiber ring while working. 

Carbon Fiber Rings are Affordable

Carbon fiber rings are an affordable option for fashion rings and wedding bands. It is a great option, if you want to choose a couple of different textures and finishes. Then you can create a fun selection of rings to wear at the same time or rotate throughout the week.