Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings have taken on serious style recently. Plain Jane simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Far from the innocuous, bland, discreet rings of the past, wedding rings nowadays come in just about any finish, material and design you like. They are meant to be seen. They’re in your face, even. 

Enter carbon fiber. Wait, enter black carbon fiber.

What would you think of a wedding ring made of black carbon fiber? And exactly what is carbon fiber anyway? If you are a performance car fanatic, competitive cyclist or an aircraft mechanic, you may know the answer to this. Hint: it’s widely used in racecars, sports bikes and aircraft to make them stronger and lighter. The new generation of carbon fiber composites can significantly reduce the weight of passenger cars and improve fuel efficiency, without compromising safety or performance, so they represent a very important opportunity for car manufacturers, as it eventually becomes cheaper to produce. 

Carbon fiber is sometimes known as graphite fiber. It is strong, lightweight and stiff, and it is often used as a replacement for steel. It was first invented by Thomas Edison, then further improved in Cleveland in 1958, but not used extensively until a British research team developed a new process in 1963 that unleashed its new, exciting potential. Carbon fiber has one of the highest weight-to strength ratios of any material, yet it is twelve times lighter than gold. 

Until recently, carbon fiber was relatively expensive to produce, but the Energy Department’s Carbon Fiber Technology Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with researchers and manufacturers to make production more cost effective. This facility can produce up to 25 tons of carbon fiber a year – that’s enough to cover almost 139,000 football fields - so there’s plenty to spare for us to experiment with some really rad wedding ring designs. 

Carbon fiber also can be woven and used in fabric – but we’re not going to suggest you wear a carbon fiber suit as you walk down the aisle. That’s probably overkill, even if you are a diehard Matrix fan. 

Hold that thought, though. 

Back to our wedding rings. They come in black, forged or silver, but we like the black, quite honestly. We offer some truly kickass black carbon fiber rings with a variety of different inlays. They can be woven into a cool design or special pattern, and they come in lots of different colors. Black ring with color variations in a carbon fiber inlay your thing? How about black with a single color around the inside? When you take off the ring, everyone will see that there’s more to you than meets the eye, if you know what we mean. We have that. Carbon fiber works well with whatever type of inlay you’d like, of course. Plus, it’s easy to engrave your initials on the inside, so it is truly yours. 

Your carbon fiber ring will feel light and comfortable on your finger; we’ll help you choose the exact fit that’s right for you. You’ll be able to wear it all day long without it getting in the way or feeling too heavy and clunky. Carbon fiber is scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, durable, hypoallergenic and can be customizable. Plus, it can be easily cut off in an emergency. 

The best thing about a carbon fiber wedding band is that you do not need to worry about special care or cleaning. Who needs more things to worry about? The upcoming wedding arrangements are giving you enough agita to last a lifetime. Those endless details! You won’t need to make a special trek to your local jeweler to have it cleaned professionally. They probably won’t be thrilled to help you anyway, as you didn’t buy the ring from them in the first place. Even if you’ve been greasing lug nuts, just wash your hands as usual and the dirt, grease or grime should come off without a hitch. 

Carbon fiber is space age cool. Your ring is made of the ‘right stuff’ widely used by NASA. It also makes everything from Lamborghini supercars to Calloway golf clubs. 

Back to Keanu Reeves. We’re almost sure he wore carbon fiber clothing in The Matrix. If he didn’t, he should have. 

So, what does your carbon fiber ring say about you? It says you are probably a techno geek. You are non-conventional, and you like to look different. You have your eyes firmly set on the future. 

What better attitude to have on your wedding day?