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Celtic Rings for Men

The world of 21st century jewelry has evolved beyond earrings, statement necklaces and 24-karat gold for women. In these contemporary times, men can also join in on the jewelry trend wearing the sleek rings we have designed just for them. One of these is the Celtic ring that dates to several hundred years on the rugged Irish coast. These beauties have a long past and an even longer future ahead of them.

History Of Celtic Rings

Two famous stories encircle the historical dimensions of Celtic Rings. The first one states that a young widow named Margaret Joyce inherited a large sum of money after the death of her wealthy Spanish husband. After remarrying the mayor of Galway Ireland, Joyce generously put her wealth to good use through the construction of several bridges in Connacht. For her selflessness and kindness, the legends say that the first Celtic ring was dropped in her lap by an eagle, as a reward.

The second story is rooted in love. Richard Joyce, a Galway native, was captured the week he was to be married to an Irish girl and sold as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith. As a slave, Richard spent several years fine-tuning his skills in the goldsmith trade and as a result ended up making the first Celtic ring inspired by the love he had been snatched away from. He would eventually be free from slavery when William III would order the release of all British subjects. 

Legend has it that Richard was given a once in a lifetime opportunity. The goldsmith offered him the hand of his oldest daughter, and a large portion of his wealth if he would stay and work with him. Choosing his newly acquired freeborn status, Richard rejected the offer, and journeyed back to Galway to give his girl the ring he'd made for her. His one true love had never married and had been waiting for him. He stayed in Galway for the rest of his life and became a renowned goldsmith there.

Symbolism of Celtic Rings

Just as they are famous for their historical roots, Celtic Rings are widely known for what they have come to represent. They were first recognized as cherished heirlooms between mother and daughter and passed down for generations. From heirlooms, they became a symbol of nobility, class, status, and wealth when royalty such as Queen Victoria, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco began to wear them. 

A Celtic ring symbolizes continuity, which is seen in the consistent interlacing of the knotwork. It has also come to symbolize love and friendship. You can give a Celtic Ring to anyone who is moving away, graduating, celebrating mother’s or Father’s Day, or as a birthday gift. 

Their versatility is what makes them so valuable.

Why You Should Wear Celtic Rings

Celtic Rings have become popular on every part of continents around the world. If you identify as an Irish man, however, then this piece is a great way to take pride in your heritage. Masculine styles of Celtic rings differ slightly from the feminine as they are made larger and heavier to suit a strong, masculine hand. The stunning contemporary designs are professionally crafted with lightweight titanium, Zirconium, and hard-wearing tungsten. All rings can be made with customized symbolic designs for the wearer depending on his preference and what the ring means to him. It's also possible to get creative stylized versions that are a combination of gold and silver. Celtic Rings are the epitome of unending innovation.

Besides gold and silver, most modern versions contain diamonds or emeralds set into the band. Celtic rings are perfect for weddings or partnerships, and they are widely used and accepted by countless people around the world. There are several reasons to love Celtic Rings, but their strength, durability and beautiful symbolic characteristics are unbeatable. 

Consider purchasing a Celtic Ring today for yourself or that special someone.