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When people hear ceramic rings, they start thinking about the ceramics they made in art class or their mother’s collection of vintage ceramic bowls. I promise you, our selection of ceramic rings are nothing like either of those items. 

In jewelry making, jewelers will use a type of cubic zirconium to create a scratch resistant metal that is perfect for every day wear. Ceramic rings are often a little lighter in weight than a ring made of Titanium. However, do not let the weight of this ring fool you, it is incredibly strong and also as scratch resistant as Tungsten. Ceramic rings are a little bit of a trojan horse. They look delicate and unassuming, but they are actually stronger than rings made of platinum or steel. Who knew! 

Why Choose a Ceramic Ring?

Some people choose a ceramic ring because it can be made into a wide selection of colors. Black ceramic rings look very similar in appearance to black tungsten or titanium rings. However, these rings are less expensive. 

Depending on your profession, ceramic rings might be a good choice for your ring. For example, electricians often choose a ceramic ring because these rings are not made of metal. This means that the ring can not carry an electrical current and can help electricians avoid an accident. This is also a great option if you repair appliances, work on telephone lines, or do research with electrical currents. We want to make sure you are safe and your ring fits into your life, not the other way around. 

Color Choices for Ceramic Rings 

Ceramic rings can be a variety of different colors. Many of the most popular ceramic rings are white, black, or a silver color. Black ceramic rings are by far the most popular choice for men as it mimics the look of black titanium rings but they are considerably less expensive. However, these rings also cannot be resized once they are made. So, like black titanium rings you will want to double check your measurements before ordering your new piece. 

How to care for ceramic rings?

Ceramic rings are pretty easy to take care of, for the most part. When the ring is visibly dirty from working in the yard or covered in flour from baking, take the ring off and wash with a mild soap and water. However, if the ring just looks a little dull, you can use a little bit of polish on a soft cloth. But the best thing to do is just use a microfiber cloth! Slowly rub the ring until it looks shiny and you are good to go. 

History of Ceramic Rings 

The history of ceramic rings goes all the way back to when human beings first started working with clay. Clay was often used to create ceramic pots, bricks, and eventually ornamental objects. The first pieces of jewelry were often made with materials that early man had laying around. For example, originally people would ornament themselves with fragments of bone, wood, shells, leather and more. However, when people began using clay to make pottery and useful tools, they would use the leftover clay to create ornamental objects for themselves and their loved ones. Some of the most common uses for clay jewelry pieces were religious jewelry pieces, markers, and more. 

In the Victorian era, ceramic jewelry became very popular. Wealthy royals and aristocrats would have pieces of ceramic jewelry made for them by talented artisans and craftsmen. These were ceramic plaques that were decorated and added to broaches, rings, earrings, and necklaces. 

Later in Europe and the United States, the arts and crafts movement increased the popularity of ceramic jewelry. Individuals began fashioning jewelry pieces out of things that they could manipulate at home. This is when one of the biggest at-home jewelry making phases started. Ceramic jewelry from amateur artisans flooded the market and increased the supply of jewelry available. 

Now, we have upgraded how ceramic rings are made in a professional setting. These ceramic rings are made to look like metal rings. However, they are even more scratch resistant and easier to personalize. We can change the color, the finish, and add decorative pieces to the outside of your ring. No matter the design you are looking for, we will create a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will cherish for years to come.