Ceramic Wedding Rings

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Why Choose a ceramic wedding ring?

Ceramic wedding rings are the perfect choice for a man on the go. These rings hold up to daily wear and tear. And if your man, or you, are a little clumsy- ceramic rings will be the perfect choice for your big day. New ceramic rings are made to mimic the hardness of tungsten, however, they are a lot lighter. This makes the transition from not wearing a ring, to daily wear seamless. And the lightweight nature of the ring will not annoy you as you type at work or move throughout your day.

Chemical Properties of Ceramic Rings

Ceramic rings are created by turning their ingredients into ceramics with high heat. After being subjected to extreme heat, the building blocks combine and create a material that is impact and heat resistant.  

Look & Feel 

Another reason why men seem to prefer ceramic rings is because they look and feel like a true representation of their commitment to their partner. The feeling of the ceramic on your skin feels cool and like an authentic expression of your love for your partner.

Ceramic Rings are crafted with cutting edge technological innovations 

Other gentlemen prefer ceramic wedding rings because they are technologically crafted. Jewelers have to use the most up to date technology to create these made to order rings. Each ring is uniquely sized to your specific measurements. So you know the fit is going to be a unparalleled. 

In the event of an emergency, ceramic rings are your friend

Lastly, many men prefer ceramic rings over traditional metals because of the peace of mind that they provide. What do I mean by that? Well, ceramic rings have no intrinsic value to anyone other than the wearer. This means if a theif were to try and steal it to make a quick buck, there would be no point. You cannot change the shape of this ring once it has been sized and it can not quickly be returned to its raw materials. This is a great comfort to men who often forget or misplace their rings. 

These rings can also be carefully removed in the event of an emergency. In case everything is going wrong and your hand is disfigured in an injury, the medical team can easily remove the ring from your finger and focus on caring for your injuries. If you are ever in a situation where the ring needs to be broken off and quickly removed, the best choice is using vice-grip pliers. Gently slide the pliers under the ring and cut it off. 

Metal allergies

Ceramic wedding bands are considered to be hypoallergenic. Reactions to these types of rings are incredibly rare. So, if your fiancé is allergic to metals like nickel or zinc, you can rest easy. Ceramic rings do not contain these components so you do not have to worry about your loved one breaking out in a rash on your wedding day. 


Ceramic rings are not confined to the traditional color choices. New technological advances have made it possible to create rings in different colors and finishes. You can also easily have rings with decorative inlays, delicate impressions, and more Some of the more popular options in recent years have been ceramic rings with inlays. Clients have chosen inlays of wood, animal bones, tungsten, and gold. 

Price Point

Many men do not feel comfortable choosing an elaborate ring for every day wear. They would rather spend the money on their new wife’s ring or to put aside for their future. No worries! We totally understand. If this sounds like you, a ceramic wedding ring might be a great option. These rings are very cost effective.  Depending on the type of ring you choose, you can be out the door with the ring for only a couple of hundred dollars. Wow! 


Another reason to choose a ceramic ring for a wedding band is because these rings are incredibly low maintenance. Some ceramic rings are one hundred percent scratch proof! And they can easily be cleaned up with just a little soap and water. When you wash your hands, take an extra few seconds to suds up your ring. And then just take a damp Terry or microfiber cloth to rub the ring dry.