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Wear your faith on your finger with these Christian rings

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Christian rings are a great reminder of your faith. By having a visual representation of your commitment to the Lord, you can remember to be mindful of your daily actions. It can help you choose to live a more Godly life when you have a constant reminder of who you strive to be. 

Christian Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands 

Christian rings are also chosen as a wedding ring or wedding band. This is perfect for a couple that is deeply connected to their faith. These wedding bands can underline the spiritual nature of a couple’s vows and allow them to remember the reason that they found each other. It also can remind the couple of God’s love. So no matter how tough married life gets, they know their Savior is looking out for them and their marriage. 

Confirmation Rings 

Sometimes christian rings are given to young men after they reach a milestone in their church. Many young boys receive a ring after they are confirmed in the Christian or Catholic Church. This usually happens between the ages of thirteen and fourteen. This is the second step in affirming their faith after baptism. Most Christians are baptized as a baby, so they really did not have a true choice to make in becoming a christian. So, Christians and Catholics created a confirmation class and ceremony. During the class individuals learn what it means to be a Christian and why they might want to live their life as a Christian. They learn more about the responsibility of being a christian, how to behave like a christian, and what they can do for the church as a whole. After the class, the children are confirmed into the Church and become full members. They are even allowed to take communion. 

Symbolism of Christian Rings

One of the main reasons why people like christian rings is the circular shape of the rings. This circle contains no beginning and no end. Some christians interpret this as a symbol of God’s love. And they believe that this means that God’s love for them is limitless. It can also remind Christians of the halos that hover above God, Jesus, and the angels up in heavy. Having a symbol of holiness can help remind the wearer that they want to live an upstanding life. 

Purity Rings 

Some christians choose to use purity rings as a symbol of commitment to their faith. The idea behind these rings is that a person is waiting for marriage to engage in sex and is obtaining from premarital sex. If this is a path you choose to follow, purity rings are a way to put your commitment to your faith on your hand. And it is a daily reminder of your choice. 

Rings for Work within the Church

Many Christians work within their church. Some are employed by the Church as members of the clergy, worship team, ministry, outreach programs, music education, childcare services, and more. A Christian ring is a great way to acknowledge the time you give to the Church and your commitment to serving your community. 

Many pastors, reverends, and ministers choose to purchase a Christian ring during seminary or their education process. Others like to bookend their career by purchasing a ring. That way even if they are no longer serving the church on a daily basis, they have a reminder of the time spent, the devotion they have, and the commitment to their faith.

Mission Trips

One of the most rewarding experience that many Christians go on is a mission trip. A mission trip is where a group of Christians head to an impoverished area and give back in the name of the Church. Popular mission trip destinations include Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and South America. Christians will go to these places and help rebuild a school after a natural disaster, outfit youngsters for school, or bring books to help students learn to read. After these trips, people are often inspired to live a life where they can give back to their community. A Christian ring is a great way to remind yourself of the experience you had on a mission trip and why you want to continue to live that way in your daily life back home.