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Claddagh Rings for Men

The Claddagh ring is also called An Fainne Cladach in the Irish language of Gaelic. The Gaelic word "cladach" directly translates to rocky beach or shore. The ring is named after the Western Ireland area where it originated. 

Having been around for centuries, the rings have transcended beyond an iconic symbol of Irish heritage into a popular fashion accessory worn by many around the world.

Historical Dimensions and Symbolism

The meaning of the Claddagh ring is perfectly captured within the winning phrase "Love, loyalty, and friendship." Being a versatile ring with a unique design, it has achieved fame around the world as a beautiful token of love and friendship. It can be offered in celebration of true romantic love, a reminder of a rich Irish heritage, or an emblem of true unforgettable friendship. 

The Claddagh's outstanding design was inspired by ancient fede or gimmel rings, both of which lacked the crowning characteristic of the Claddagh. The actual evolution of rings began in ancient Egypt. Egyptians attached pertinence to its circular shape, viewing it as symbolic of eternal life and love with no end. Rings were considered openings or pathways to unknown worlds, with individuals exchanging them as a sign of profound loyalty. The Greeks would use it for the sake of endless love, but ultimately, the Romans used it first 500 as a sign of holy matrimony. The fede ring was the most popular ring around this time. It had a unique design including two hands clasped together symbolizing a couple's eternal love for one another. The fede rings had undeniable popularity in the Middle Ages. Changes in its design over time led to the current appearance of the Claddagh ring.

Two American Presidents in history have received Claddagh rings as gifts from the Irish community. A young John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first along with his wife Jacqueline in 1963. The ring was given to him to honor his Irish roots. Ronald Reagan would receive his own Claddagh ring two decades later from the people of Galway. In the media, the ring was featured in the acclaimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy received the ring on her 17th birthday from her vampire boyfriend, Angel, as a symbol of their eternal love. The Claddagh ring holds a lot of powerful meanings embedded within its designs. The two hands represent friendship, two hearts represent love, and the crown represents loyalty.

Wearing The Claddagh

To the surprise of some, there are certain ways to wear a Claddagh ring. 

As a married man, wear it on your left hand with the point of the heart pointing to the hand.

As an engaged man or a man in a lifelong partnership, wear it on your left with the point of the heart pointing away from the hand.

As a single man open to love, wear it on your right hand with the point of the heart turned away from the hand.

As a man in a promised relationship, wear it turned inwards on your right hand, with the point of the heart facing your hand.

Not a lot of people know this information, but we're hoping you would use it when you purchase your own Claddagh ring.

Caring for the Claddagh

  • Keep it out of the jacuzzi, pools and hot tubs, or chlorine-dominated spaces.
  • Leave it out of a kitchen space.
  • Clean it with mild lukewarm water.
  • Refrain from using harsh or abrasive chemicals while wearing it. 
  • Always use a soft sponge for cleansing the ring. 

That’s pretty much it. Follow these simple guidelines and your Claddagh ring is ready to stay with you forever and always.

A Man and His Claddagh

Claddagh rings are beautifully timeless. They are the best choice for that special someone in your life. It carries a heartfelt and meaningful message, especially those looking for a long-lasting symbol of their affection for someone. There are several meanings associated with Claddagh rings. A popular one says: Let love and friendship lead.

Buy a Claddagh today and it will add a burst of color to your memories of friends and family.