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Wear a piece of history with these fashionable men's Damascus Steel rings

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Damascus steel is a fascinating material that has a characteristic wavy pattern that makes it easy to spot. The pattern develops because of how this material is manufactured. Metal workers forge Damascus steel by hammering and welding small strips of steel and iron together. Then this new material is heated and forged over and over again. Many clients are familiar with this type of metal because they have seen the material used in a variety of knives, cutlery, and swords. Who knew! 

One of the reasons why people love Damascus steel is because it is incredibly hard, flexible, and it can remain sharp for years to come.  Originally, this material was used to craft sharp weapons. Craftsmen began to notice that blades forged from this material were better than traditional iron weapons. The material could be sharpened into a thin sharp blade that can cut through bone, meat, and more. Imagine warriors in the past using their Damascus steel blades to cut down their enemy or search the woods for food to feed their family. 

Why is it called Damascus steel? 

Damascus steel is named after the city of Damascus. Damascus is the capital city of Syria. And it is believed to be the oldest known capital, according to historians at the Smithsonian. Around 2.7 million people, call Damascus home and historically it was the place to find the best weapons and blades. This is how this type of sharpened steel became known as Damascus steel. 

The city of Damascus was not the only place where fighters valued this steel for weapons. The Vikings created a similar product with slightly different chemical elements. The Vikings were known for their hunting prowess and tenacity in battle. We’d like to think that they were so skilled because they used the sharpest blades! 

While the basic combination of steel stayed the same, there were some variations created as the years past.  For example, some blacksmiths whirl use Chromium or Nickel to create a different effect in the finished product. Some chemicals would create a lustrous look and others would cause the blade to reflect different colors of light. 

Why You Should Consider a Damascus Steel Ring? 

There are so many reasons to choose Damascus steel for the material of your ring. For one, this is not the usual choice. The vast majority of people use gold or silver for their jewelry. But not you! You are an eccentric individual who likes choosing things that others wouldn’t. We respect that individuality and will help you stand out from the pack. 

Another reason to choose Damascus steel, is because of the historical connections. Maybe you have family from Damascus that you want to honor with your ring? Or you come from a long line of blacksmiths. You could even be descended from Vikings like Leif Erikson or Eric The Red. No matter your reason, we will help you honor the warrior in you with these amazing rings. 

Things to Note 

Damascus steel is incredibly strong. So this is a great choice for you if you tend to be a little too rough with delicate materials. However, it is always recommended to remove your ring before working with heavy equipment, going to workout, or any other high impact activities. 

Care Instructions

This material is wonderful to work with because it is easy to care for. If your ring begins to look a little dingy, we recommend taking a little mild soap (like baby shampoo, bar soap, or dawn) and lathering up your ring. You can use a small Q-tip or an old tooth brush to scrub dirt particles out of any nooks and crannies. Just remember to be gentle. 

Pro Tip: Always put the stopper down before slipping your ring off your finger. It will save you a mini heart attack if the soap lowers the coefficient of friction between the ring and your hand and it slips. Carefully & thoroughly wash the ring in the mild soap and wipe the ring dry with a microfiber cloth or hand towel. Allow it to dry thoroughly before putting it back on.