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Diamond Rings for Men

There's something undeniably special about diamonds. Diamonds are considered playthings of the rich and famous, a symbol of prestige as well as personal and professional success, or a momentous change in status. 

Aside from these facts, what do you truly know about diamonds? There's a whole wealth of information readily accessible for these stunning jewels.

Historical Dimensions to Men's Diamond Rings

Diamonds have quite a remarkable and rich history, starting in 1477. That year, Archduke Maximillian of Austria sparked the use of diamonds for engagement purposes when he commissioned the very first diamond for his betrothed, Mary Burgundy. This influenced a widespread diamond trend amongst the European nobility and Aristocracy. In the late 19th century, massive diamond mines were discovered in South Africa, a nation that had previously been dominated by an agrarian economy. That diamond discovery led to the subsequent establishment of the cartel, De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd in 1888. De Beers would be incredibly instrumental in launching diamonds into global mainstream prominence in the world markets. In the following decades, De Beers would assume a commanding power over all aspects of the diamond trade. 

In 1947, De Beers launched an unforgettable ad that simply stated, "diamonds are forever." The durability of a diamond convinced the psychology of millions of Americans that marriage is forever, and it is still seen as one of the most successful and groundbreaking marketing campaigns in the world to date. 

Beyond increasing the societal appreciation for diamonds in astronomical ways, it inspired pop culture as well. Diamonds became a symbol of endless love and the rate at which they were purchased soared to massive heights. Perhaps what made the De Beers ad so classic and memorable was that it was launched in a troubling economic time when demand for diamonds had strongly declined. De Beers made the professional choice to use several Hollywood stars in more ads, draped in diamonds, and this tripled diamond revenue.  

Ever since diamonds climbed to the heights of global prominence in the 40s, they have yet to come down. 

All The Symbols

What do diamonds symbolize? The most popular belief, of course, is love, but long before the world knew about De Beers, diamonds had been featured in ancient mythological writings. Ancient Greeks referred to diamonds as Adamas, which simply means “unconquerable.” Greek gods were said to have worn and used diamonds. Some of the most iconic accessories like the sword of Chronos, the helmet of Heracles, and Prometheus's ever-binding chains were said to be eternally strong because they had diamonds embedded in them.

In medieval Europe, diamonds were referred to as tears of the gods and used as amulets in battle, therefore they were associated with strength, power, eternal life, and safety. In the age of Louis XIV, Jean Baptiste Tavernier went on a quest to find jewels for the king and returned with the world's biggest diamond which was about 900 carats.

In modern times, diamonds represent love and its enduring nature, as well as wealth, beauty, and affluence, but beyond that, they have always been symbolic of power and strength. 

A Man and His Diamond Ring

I'm pretty sure we've all heard the saying, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend,” possibly derived from the timeless diamonds are forever. For decades, a belief has been propounded: Women love diamonds and men must work to get it for them. When they do, it shows an impressive promotion in their status and lives. 

This, however, is the 21st century and while the part of the population who believe the above might never truly fade away, men's jewelry has come to stay forever. Luckily, diamonds come in varying colors, all with symbolisms of their own. But why rock a diamond you might ask?

  • Nothing can outshine its sparkle
  • They are the hardest of all substances and, as such, are compatible with men.
  • They have an unmatched alluring quality.
  • They are universal treasures.
  • Versatile and timeless
  • They can go with anything you wear.

With that said, you can rock a diamond as a fashion ring, a cluster ring, or a diamond-accented wedding band. Your choice! 

Don't forget to care for your diamond. Clean and polish up your diamonds frequently. Treat it like the treasure it is.  

A diamond's shine never truly dies, but it's up to you to keep the sparkle alive.