Garnet Rings

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Garnet Rings

Whether as a romantic gift for that special someone or fashion accessory, garnet rings are ideal for all occasions. This beautiful crimson piece holds a timeless gemstone that has been around for centuries.

If you want a fashion accessory that will make you feel bold and sexy instantly, a garnet ring is exactly the stone you want on your finger. Garnet rings will add a pop of color to your outfit no matter the dress code. We’ve got you covered with our impressive collection of garnet rings that are perfect for all occasions.

What is a Garnet?       

Garnet is a beautiful semi-precious stone that comes in rich crimson shades. Although that’s their most common form, you may find garnets in various shades of red and orange as well. Don’t be surprised if you discover bright green garnets that look almost like emeralds. These, along with blue garnets, are rarer than the other varieties.

The garnet’s eye-catching red hue and its smooth texture give it an appearance that is quite similar to many high-priced rubies. However, the stone itself is much more affordable compared to the expensive jewels it mimics.

The History of Garnet Rings

Thanks to its durability, we can witness the evolution of the garnet throughout time. The same durability gives us some insights into how long people have worn it as jewelry. A few determined pieces have even been found in relics dating back as far as the Bronze age.

This precious stone has graced the tombs of the kings of Egypt as it was considered the symbol of life by the superstitious Egyptians. Records also suggest that garnet accessories were also quite popular during the 3rd and 4th centuries with Romans flaunting them as a symbol of nobility.  

Throughout history, garnet jewelry has been worn for various reasons aside from their attractiveness. Many cultures considered it a talisman of sorts and it was worn into battle for good luck. It also found a place in ancient medicine as many believed that the stone had healing properties.

More recently, garnet rings were quite popular in Victorian Europe. A lot of pieces that were created around that time typically showcased clusters of smaller gems surrounding a larger statement piece in the middle.

What is Special About Garnet Rings?

The beauty of garnet rings has never been denied. Today, this particular gym is still popular as a fashion accessory for various reasons, the main one being its attractiveness. Aside from making beautiful rings, they are used in various other jewelry pieces. Regardless of the color, cut, or setting, garnet jewelry is always an eye-catching piece.

There’s no better way to make a bold fashion statement than with a beautiful garnet ring on your finger. This piece symbolizes love, life, and passion. They are also available in a variety of styles you are sure to love.

If you prefer colored stones to traditional diamonds for an engagement ring, a garnet ring might be an ideal choice to consider. The stone is close to quarts on the Mohns scale of hardness, which means it is quite durable.

Garnet Ring Styles

Garnet rings come in a variety of styles and settings depending on their purpose. In an engagement ring, a garnet jewel will look even more stunning when surrounded with stones of a lighter shade. A central crimson garnet with diamonds or white topaz around it would look particularly stunning as the contrasting colors give the garnet more intensity.

Garnet is a versatile stone that pairs nicely with various types of metals. The best metal to use depends on the shade of garnet on your ring. Red garnet is naturally paired with yellow gold metal. This gives your ring a classic and stylish look. If you’re going for a more vintage appearance, then a rose gold metal might be something to consider. 

Garnet may also be customized with white gold, silver, or platinum for a strong contrast. The warmth of the garnet gives the metal a cool soft tone that’s both modern and classy in every way.