Kao Wood Rings

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The Koa wood ring is a symbol of power, refinement, passion, and dedication. The ring's metal is a symbol of power, and the circle form depicts the unending nature of devotion, while Koa Wood typifies the courage and exclusivity established by Hawaiian history.

The symbolic element of a Koa wood ring is sometimes eclipsed by its beauty, whether you own one or plan to give one as a gift. The modest piece of jewelry, however, is jam-packed with historical references, reverence, and nostalgia that much outweighs its brilliant qualities and comparable competition. If you have been considering investing in a new men’s ring, here are some of the top reasons why you may very well want to consider a Koa wood ring.

A Powerful History

The collective symbols for which it is made; wood, metal, circular shape, Hawaiian brand, and history, all contribute to its remarkable meaning. The term Koa means warrior, and it represents power and courage. It was the go-to wood in the creation of numerous old warrior tools in ancient Koa Warriors Hawaii. Partly due to the fact that Koa is a hardwood. It was utilized to make canoes, swords, and various hand weapons. Its stiffness and firmness helped ancient Koa warriors in battle. Koa wood has been developed by nature to withstand the harshest conditions. A Koa wood ring that represents and embodies vigor is created by the combination of metaphorical power (of Koa) and its substantive toughness.

Koa wood was highly esteemed and thought of as legendary by the ancient Hawaiians because of the bold and courageous meaning it represents. Koa was so revered that it was "kapu," or forbidden, to acquire it unless you were a member of the royal family. The traditional gift of koa was given and exchanged between rulers. Only the wealthy could afford to own koa wood. It was frequently used to decorate the walls and halls of palaces since it was special, sophisticated, and expensive.

Koa is still a rare and expensive wood. Although it grows in Hawaii, it is difficult to obtain, in part because it is illegal to cut down a tree on public land. It is only available in a restricted number of locations. As a result, it is possibly the most costly wood on the planet. Koa, on the other hand, remains unique and serves as a mark of refinement and exclusivity. Those who are fortunate enough to own Koa value it the most.

How to Wear Koa Wood Rings

Wearing Koa wood rings really is a simple thing to do because these rings simply demand attention. These rings are exceptionally well-crafted and boast gorgeous designs, so they are the perfect style of ring to add a unique flair to anyone’s personal style, no matter what it is! Whether you are a rancher or a beach bum, these rings speak volumes to any man who chooses to wear it.

How to Care for Koa Wood Rings

The Koa wood ring is sturdy and resilient, set in metal and protected by resins. It can withstand some of the harshest elements found on the islands, including UV radiation, saltwater, and everything else that an active lifestyle may bring. One of the advantages of owning a Koa ring is its long-term durability.

Your hardwood koa ring was most likely polished with linseed or tung oil and a little beeswax to give it a nice surface. When your wooden ring starts to feel rough or needs a polish, you can do the same thing. Before you begin polishing, make sure the ring is clean and dry. Allow the linseed oil to soak into the wood of the ring. This will offer natural moisture to the wood, which will keep it supple. It will be coated in a smooth, protective layer of beeswax. Because of the oils in your hand, you'll need to polish your ring on a frequent basis to keep it in good shape.

When it comes to other sorts of rings with a Koa wood inlay, you'll need to treat the jewelry differently depending on the metal. The inlay's protective covering could be an epoxy resin or another clear coating that doesn't require polishing like wood. To make the metal shine, polish it with a towel or apply jewelry cleaner. Without the polishing process, the wood's finish will remain gleaming.

Why Consider a Koa Ring?

Because of its relationship with the Hawaiian brand and all that it represents, Koa wood rings stand out and have perhaps more depth, history, and character than others. Koa wood is rare and expensive, thus the Koa wood ring provides a convenient alternative.