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Legacy of the Mason

The Masons, or the Freemasons, are the oldest fraternal organization in the world. A fraternal organization is defined as a group of people who form an organization around a common bond. The Freemasons formed their society way back during the Middle Ages. Originally, these group was formed as a guild of artisan and craftsman builders. 

However, over time, this society moved from a group of artisans to a social organization that is focused on philanthropic ventures, social engagement, and promoting knowledge. Since this organization was founded with enlightenment principles, they still exercise their core values. These values include religious tolerance and acceptance, commitment to searching for knowledge, and social interests. 

Myths about the Freemasons

There are many myths about the Freemasons. Many believe that the Freemasons are a secret society. However, this is not the case. There are secret ideologies, passwords, and rituals associated with the Freemasons. However, this is the same as any society, fraternity, or sorority. Even Panhellenic societies at colleges and universities have special rituals, handshakes, and passwords. So this is not something that is just associated with the Freemasons. 

This society has evolved from its artisan roots. However, there are still remnants of this past. For example, there are still stages that relate to how an artisan would become an expert in their field. However, these steps are more about the commitment to the society and how long a person has spent in the society. 

Symbols of the Freemason Society - Masonic Rings

Freemasons have a few symbols that help members of their community recognize other members. They also have their meeting places, lodges, and homes marked with a Freemason symbol. One of their most popular and polarizing symbol is the “all seeing eye.” The all seeing eye is also called the Eye of Providence. Originally, this was not designed by the Freemasons. However, over time, they took this symbol and used it as their own. 

The most common symbol is the Square and the Compasses. Square and compasses symbols are located on the lodges across America and Europe. There is usually a large capital G in the center of the symbol. However, people are divided on what this G stands for. Some people believe it just stands for Grandmasons. While others believe it represents Geometry because of their artisan and builder background. 

One of the less common symbols is the bee or the beehive. This was meant to represent how industrious Freemasons were and how much they could get done together and apart. These symbols are used to decorate cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. 

What is so special about Masonic rings and jewelry?

Freemasons love wearing masonic rings for a number of reasons. One this is like a secret little nod to other brothers out in public. Most people would not notice a small decoration of a ring. However, if you are part of the brotherhood, you know what to look for in these pieces of jewelry. That way you can meet fellow brothers when out traveling or living your daily life. Since the lodges were founded on core values, brothers usually will get along and have some common interests. This makes it easier to make friends, build community, and help elevate one another. 

Another reason why people love Masonic rings is the tradition. There is a strong tradition within the Freemason society of gift giving and jewelry. Usually, when a Freemason gets higher up in the organization they can wear a piece of jewelry with a certain symbol on it to show their status. This is a similar idea to the pips and medallions on an army officer’s uniform. So, other Freemasons can quickly deduce how long a brother has been part of a society. 

Masonic rings are a proud tradition within the Freemason society. Most masonic rings and heirlooms are handed down through families. Individuals who had a relative in the society have a much easier time being accepted into the society as an adult. So, if an individual has a Masonic ring, it gives more credence to their history and likelihood of having an ancestor in the not-so-secret society. 

No matter why you are looking for a Masonic ring, we have the best selection of jewelry pieces to help you show off your commitment to the Masonic society. There are Masonic rings available in different colors, finishes, and materials. So no matter what you are looking for, we will help you find the perfect piece. And think about longevity when choosing your Masonic ring. If you abide by the traditions set forth by the Masons, your ring will be handed down through your family for generations. Make sure to choose a metal or non-metallic ring that will stand the test of time.