Resin Rings

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Resin Rings

When you think about wearing a ring, you would most likely imagine dainty gold rings or titanium bands. While these classics remain very popular today, some new trends are being introduced that break this convention in the world of accessories. One of those non-conventional accessories is the resin ring.

You could think of them like candy for your hands. Wearing a resin ring is a way to make a resounding fashion statement. This brightly colored jewelry is difficult to miss and has been spotted decorating the hands of various celebrities. 

What are Resin Rings Made of?

Resin rings are, obviously, made from resin which is a mix of organic or synthetic compounds. Combine either of these with a hardener and you will end up with a clear and hard plastic substance called epoxy resin, which is the base material from which resin rings are made.

Resin is a popular craft material and has been used to make lovely decor for years. Although some resins are not biodegradable, others can be easily broken down and recycled to form new materials. A good number of resin rings are also varnished with eco-friendly paint, so not only are you adorning your fingers, but you are also playing a role in protecting the ecosystem when you buy a resin ring.

Resin has been long-established as a suitable material for crafting homemade jewelry and a lot of savvy people have been creating their own resin rings by themselves too. Some well-known brands have gotten involved in the resin trend as well making plain, bold, neon-colored, glittering resin rings inspired by Y2K design, or chunky plastic rings that catch the eye. Some resin rings also come with metal accents and may have different stones incorporated into them for added effects. 

What is Special About Resin Rings?

The most notable reason for the trend in resin rings is the abundance of personalization options for this particular piece as resin can be personalized in ways that other materials cannot.

You have various precious metals incorporated into your resin ring. The rings may also feature designs intricately drawn onto them or feature tiny objects of personal significance. There are even instances of people having ashes of their loved one set into a piece of resin jewelry.

If you’re looking for a fashion accessory that perfectly captures the imagination, a resin band may be an ideal choice for you. The entire trend is steeped in nostalgia. These brightly colored resin rings used to be a popular staple of parties in the 90s.

Most people love resin rings because they make a bold statement. There’s nothing subtle about these oversized bands. They’re even more noticeable when covered in gemstones or metallic accents. You may also have them stacked on your fingers or wear multiple resin rings just to make a statement.

Are Resin Rings Durable?

A common question asked by those interested in resin rings is how long they will last. Fortunately, your epoxy resin ring can last a long time provided that it is cared for properly. If the ring has tiny objects incorporated into it, then it should be sprayed with UV lacquer or any other protective material to keep it from yellowing over time

Your resin ring will not break if it is dropped-unless dropped in an abrasive or acidic chemical. Resin is a durable plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your ring breaking if it falls.

Resin rings are somewhat waterproof. They won’t disintegrate if you get caught in the rain, but swimming while wearing the ring should be avoided in order to preserve its quality. 

Cleaning and storing this type of ring is easy as well. A soft damp cloth (preferably microfiber material) can be used to wipe the ring dry. If the band has a metal accent, you can use a polishing pad to remove any tarnish. Resin rings are best stored in a jewelry box or bag.