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While skulls have become common in pop culture, fashion, the goth scene, and more over the years - it has an interesting backstory. 

When you think about a skull, it is impossible to avoid the fact that this is a piece of a human skeleton. This automatically creates a tie between humans and mortality. Historically, the skull has been the visual representation of death and immortality. However, other cultures & people believe that the skull can be representative of transformation, change, wealth, power, and even strength. How interesting! 

Skull adornments can also be used as a warning to others. For example, when humans were still living in villages and smaller townships, they would want to warn other groups to not cross them. So they would take the skulls of their enemies and place them on posts outside of their community. This was a warning side to travelers to come in peace or face the same fate. Even today, we still use skulls as a warning. Take a look at any poisonous cleaning chemicals or bug killer. On the side of the bottle there is a little skull and crossbones warning the purchaser about how toxic this item is to their health. 

Another well-known use for skull imagery is the skull and crossbones that adorn a pirate flag. The pirates that sailed the ocean blue years ago, used this imagery to represent their profession and their seaworthiness. These sailors would brave the dangerous sea in search of gold, treasure, and adventure. And their flag represented this commitment to the journey and how they faced death on the open ocean everyday in search of their gold. 

Day of The Dead 

In Mexico, Mexicans celebrate their ancestors every year on the Day of the Dead. On this day, Mexicans offer prayers, tokens, and food to the dead. They talk about the impact of their ancestors on their family and friends and celebrate the beautiful life they led. On this day, it is traditional to wear makeup and costumes that have skulls and bones on them. Patrons also wear jewelry with skulls to acknowledge their loss and pay respect to the people who paved the way for them. 

Gasparilla Parade in Tampa Florida

Another event that celebrates skulls is the Gasparilla Parade in sunny Tampa Florida. Every January, the whole city of Tampa puts on their finest pirate gear and skulls and takes to the streets. The crowds watch in awe as the boat parade brings in thousands of boats of Pirates who take city by storm. There is also a street parade where pirates and princesses are decked out in pirate flags and skulls to toss beads to the crowd. This proud tradition has been happening in Tampa, Florida since 1904 and continues to this day. 

Why people love skulls today

A skull ring can be a permanent reminder of your own mortality and allow you to have a visual reminder every day that you need to be living life to the fullest. Other ideas suggest that wearing jewelry with a skull on it is a way to protect your energy from things that may cause you harm. Some spiritual folks think of these items a protective charms and good luck tokens that protect them from negative energy, spirits, and more. 

Like in days of old, individuals today like to choose jewelry with skulls to signify their status as a tough guy. Fighters, football players, bikers, and more all choose skulls to adorn their bodies and homes. It can be a symbol of going through something hard and coming out the other side. Or it can represent bravery, tenacity, or brutality. 

Goth Scene/Alternative Fashion

Goth culture has a proud tradition of using black and skulls. These outfits can convey an emotional toll or simply emulate rockstars and groups that they love. Many goth outfits pair traditionally sweet and pretty textures with skull jewelry and heavy denim. For example, people will pair lace with skulls to create a dainty yet frightening look. How do you express yourself by juxtaposing skulls more delicate imagery? 

On the fashion side, skulls add grit and a level of angst to an outfit. So no matter the look you are going for or the occasion, we have the perfect ring to add to your ensemble.