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Stylish and classic stainless steel wedding rings for men

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Stainless Steel is a classic choice for a wedding rings and wedding bands. Stainless steel is actually a ferrous alloy. This means that it is a metal that is made mostly of iron. This metal contains chromium which makes the stainless steel more heat resistant and protects it from rusting. Depending on the type of stainless steel, it can contain between ten to thirty percent chromium. 


Stainless steel was created way back in the day. In 1798 a made named Louis Vauquelin found the chemical element Chromium. And then scientists experimented with this material to find that it added resistance to metals. However, it took a lot more experimentation to create a true stainless steel product like we know today. Eventually, a scientist in France named, Leon Guillet, created an alloy that is suspected to have the same chemical properties of modern stainless steel. 

Properties of Stainless Steel Rings

One reason why stainless steel is superior to other metals is because it is resistant to rust. This is great because it means you can wear your ring in the shower, on the boat, or in the pool without worrying about damaging your precious ring. This is perfect for a gentleman who wants their ring to be like an extension of their finger and almost never takes it off. If you love being out on the open ocean or swimming laps in the pool, think about choosing a stainless steel ring. There is no need to worry, your ring is as tough and ready to go as you are. 

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This is because when the material is exposed to air it actually creates a delicate oxide film. This film coats the metal and protects it. However, if the material is not properly cared for this thin film can break down. And eventually, it would actually rust. 

It is also the most recycled product in the United States and around the whole world. One of the main reasons for this is because steel is often used as the framing material in cars, buses, airplanes, and boats. Contractors often use stainless steel in construction for large buildings and commercial properties. 

Fun Facts About Stainless Steal 

Stainless steel is often used to help construct skyscrapers, kitchen implements, sinks, shipping containers, pens, watches, and more. Who knew! Most of the time stainless steel is not magnetic. However, when certain chemicals are added to the raw materials it can create a magnetic metal. 

If you have ever had a strong smell on your hands, stainless steel can actually help. “Washing” your hands with a piece of stainless steel can help you remove the odor. It can even remove the strongest smells like onion, garlic, fish, and more. This material is strong and ductile. So ductile in fact that it can be stretched so thin that it creates wires. These wires are woven into a mesh like material which can actually be used for clothing, accessories, and technological cases. 

The Look

Stainless Steel rings are classic and professional looking. If you are a classic gentleman this is a great option for you. Silver goes well with every color and will always look great. No matter if you throw on a tee shirt and jeans or a suit, your ring will match. 

As previously mentioned, stainless steel is silver. Silver often looks best on people who have bluish and pink undertones in their skin. If you have a more golden, or olive, complexion with greenish undertones, you might want to think about choosing a golden material. However, if you like the look of a certain metal, go with what you like. There are no rules with jewelry. We just want to make sure you love your ring for years to come.