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Titanium is an amazing choice for wedding rings for a couple of reasons. For one, this metal is incredibly lightweight and strong. So if you are the type of guy who does not like the feeling of a heavy piece of metal on your hand, this could be the perfect ring choice for you. Also, this metal is a cool silver color that looks a lot like silver or white gold. However, since this metal is so malleable and strong we can craft a wide selection of interesting rings out of this incredible material. The beautiful metal looks understated and subdued. However, it is still sleep and polished for every day wear. This ring will go from day to night effortlessly and be a stunning addition to your look. 

Wear and Tear with Daily Use 

Our selection of titanium wedding rings can hold up to daily wear and tear. The unbelievable strength of the metal will hold up against daily tasks, bumps, and even the occasional brush with concrete. So if you tend to be a little clumsy, no judgments, this is the perfect band for you. These handsome bands will not tarnish! So you will never have to worry about your ring finger getting that awkward green ring under your titanium wedding ring.  It will also not corrode! This is rare for metals that naturally occur on planet Earth. However, if the ring is left in a bad situation like dropped in an ocean for years, it could technically erode. 

How to keep your titanium wedding ring looking great for years to come

The proper way to wash your titanium wedding ring is just with basic soap and water. When you are in the shower, getting fresh and clean, just use some soap or body wash on your ring too. It will help remove grease, grime, and dirt from daily wear. And if you get something extra gross on your ring, try scrubbing with a soft bristle tooth brush. Just keep an old toothbrush under the sink so you dont accidentally brush your teeth with soap. Eek! Lastly, if there are delicate inlays or carvings on your wedding band, you can gently scratch the gunk off with a toothpick or a q-tip.

Looking to add a little shine for a night out, remember the movie, My Fat Greek Wedding- and spray some windex on it. The father, played by Michael Constantine,  believed everything can be cured with windex. This miracle product supposedly took care of dirt, psoriasis, acne, and more. We don’t know about all of that, however, it will help your wedding ring reflect light and look shiny for years to come.  So, next time you are about to shine up your metal fixtures or polish your mirror with Windex, spritz your ring finger too! You will love the result. 

Why choose a titanium wedding ring? 

A titanium wedding ring is the perfect way to tie your career to your ring. For example, titanium is often used in airplane parts, orthopedic surgery, and machining. If you work as an airline mechanic, orthopedic surgeon, or as a machine worker- this is a great way to honor your profession. Or if you met the love of your life on a plane, it can be a symbol of your bond and remind you of how you met when times get hard.  

What type of titanium ring? 

Most expert jewelers recommend using a titanium ring that is made with almost ninety nine percent titanium. This will produce a ring between two and four strength. This is incredibly strong and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. It is also a great choice for the lad on the go. Titanium rings do not tarnish! This is true even when exposed to the elements like the air, dirt, or even salty ocean water. 

Popularity of Titanium Rings 

The popularity of titanium wedding rings has skyrocketed in recent years. One of the reasons for this is because titanium is an affordable metal that is less costly than tradition gold or white gold wedding bands. However, while it is less expensive, this ring is not flimsy. Titanium wedding bands make a great investment. They maintain their shape and finish with proper care. They will last a lifetime! While small scratches do appear over time, they do not last. The natural satin look of the material will form a patina which will cause the scratches to look less noticeable over time.