Whiskey Barrel Rings

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Whiskey Barrel Rings

Our whiskey barrel ring collection is one of our most popular. These beautiful rings crafted out of old whiskey barrels are pieces of history themselves. Only those who are familiar with the process of making whiskey understand the rich history of the barrel and how it came to become the ring that you proudly display. When you put on a whiskey barrel ring, what you wear on your finger is far more valuable than just a handcrafted piece of jewelry. 

It’s impossible to make good-tasting whiskey without those charred white oak barrels. Beyond just storing the ring, the barrels also add the special flavor profile that everyone loves about whiskey. When they’re done housing America’s most popular drink, the barrels begin a new chapter as pristine adornment and a symbol of both class and sophistication.

The History

One of the most well-known things attributes of America is the country’s abundant alcohol distilleries. Many of the most prominent whiskey makers such as Jack Daniels and Makers Mark brewed their very first whiskey in the United States.

The process of making whiskey has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, but the technique has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years. The process of using oak barrels to age whiskey began with the Celtics. Initially, they were only favored because they were stronger and better suited for transporting the whiskey than the clay pots that were being used at the time. That same durability is the reason why they remain relevant and can be repurposed after they are no longer needed to hold the drink. 

The barrels hold a unique ability to change the whiskey’s aroma, and this quickly became a widespread method for crafting whiskey. Shortly after this discovery, barrels became the most desirable way to store whiskey and is still considered as such today. Barrel making even became a popular craft. In times past, a master barrel maker would be called a “cooper.” If you know anyone today with that last name, it is likely that they descend from one of those crafters.

What’s Special About Whiskey Barrel Rings?

Every custom whiskey barrel ring has a unique story to tell and that is what makes them particularly special. From the charring of the wood to the humidity condition and all the time the whiskey spends in the barrel interacting with the wood, every part of the whiskey crafting process played a part in creating the timeless masterpiece that you wear. 

Every whiskey barrel ring is different and that’s what makes it even more beautiful. Over the years, the whiskey it houses soaks into the wood to enhance its natural texture and give every wood a unique grain.

The process of making the ring is fantastic as well. Every ring is painstakingly handcrafted from the wooden barrel. Thereafter, the resin is infused into the wood to further increase its durability. The ring is eventually wrapped in a carbon fiber lining to boost its strength and water resistance. The result of this process comes in the form of an exquisite ring with a gorgeous design.

Our Whiskey Barrel Ring Collection

Our whiskey barrel rings can be either straight or mixed depending on whether the oak barrel wood was used as the ring base, liner, or inlay. Our collection includes a wide range of custom designs as well, ach ring a personal expression of your taste and sophistication.

The appearance of the ring can also be influenced by the brand of whiskey from which it was made in addition to the metals that are mixed with it. All our rings are expertly handcrafted and protected with a blend of resin to make them waterproof. This guarantees their longevity whether as wedding bands or statement pieces.

The whiskey barrel is a distinct symbol that is inherently associated with American history and culture. Wearing this band every day stirs the imagination and creates an aura of sophistication. These handcrafted rings are a celebration of a rich heritage that dates to several centuries ago. Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or love the rustic sophistication of whiskey barrel rings, explore our collection of beautiful whiskey barrel rings, or get in touch with us to design a custom ring for you today!