Zinc Alloy Wedding Rings

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Isn't it unsettling to spend your hard-earned dollars on a ring that is tarnished or, worse, rusty just a few weeks later? Today, we'll look at one of the forms of metals that you may have previously invested in, toiled over, and maybe given up hope on. We're talking about zinc alloy here. And in this brief article we will be exploring the world of zinc alloy, and why you may very well want to consider a zinc alloy ring for your upcoming wedding. 

In the realm of jewelry, zinc alloy is one of the most widely used materials. Its popularity stems from both its inexpensive cost and adaptability. Zinc alloy, also known as Tibetan Silver, is an alloy of numerous elements, including nickel and lead, which means that if you're looking for Zinc alloy jewelry, you should avoid any that contain either of these components – nickel is the most common source of allergies, while lead is hazardous. Because well-crafted zinc alloy makes superb jewelry, the safest types of zinc alloy are often the finest options for wedding rings.

Zinc Alloy for Every Man

Zinc alloy looks strikingly similar to silver, so it really goes great with anything and is an incredibly versatile style of wedding ring. Zinc alloy is also a super inexpensive metal so if you are planning on getting married soon and are on a pretty tight budget, this may be just the type of ring you want to consider in at first, with the potential to invest in something more pricier when your budget allows for it. Zinc alloy is an excellent option, truly, for any man who is ready to take the plunge and is seeking a great ring to wear on his big day. 

How to Wear

As previously stated, zinc alloy looks super close to silver so it is an excellent option for any man who is looking for a ring that fits anything fashion sense or statement. These rings stand out, but also uniquely blend in, so you can be sure that you can speak volumes or be super subtle with a wedding ring that is crafted with zinc alloy. Whether you wear a gold chain or a leather watch on a consistent basis, your zinc alloy wedding ring is going to be a perfect match, and the same goes with your favorite blue jeans or the three-piece suit you wear when you stand-up to take your vows. 

How to Care

Even if the zinc alloy jewelry you buy is nickel and/or lead-free, the zinc alloy metal used to produce it tarnishes and discolors, just like most other metals. However, there is some good news: the tarnishing does not occur directly. Over time, zinc alloy can tarnish and degrade. 

Zinc alloy jewelry tarnishing is caused by a variety of variables, including the finish, metal content, and exposure to certain environmental conditions. As a result, depending on the conditions in which your jewelry is exposed, tarnishing might occur very quickly or take months before you see any changes.

To keep your ring as clean and nice-looking for as long as possible, you are going to want to be sure that you wipe it with a soft cloth after each usage. Using a brass polishing cloth is another excellent alternative. Metal cleaning cloths are loaded with a polishing solution that removes small quantities of tarnish effectively.

You may also opt to invest in a jewelry cleaner for at-home polishes on a regular basis as well. Be sure to avoid submerging your wedding ring in water and always wipe dry in the event that it does get wet or gets any sort of contaminant on it. Professional regular cleanings are also strongly advised for regular inspections and simply to bring it back up to its original luster.  

Why Zinc Alloy?

To sum it up, zinc alloy is the perfect type of wedding ring for any guy who doesn’t want much fuss. These rings are crazy affordable, go with any outfit or other form of jewelry you want to wear, and they are also insanely easy to care for (as long as you make sure you stay on top of caring for it, of course!). Make sure that you keep your ring clean and dry, and you can be sure to enjoy it for a number of years to come.