How to Choose the Best Mens Rings For Wedding Or Engagement?

You will wear this ring in the long run, it will be your best jewelry so you must carefully weigh your options.

Best mens rings have more than the style, the cut, or the size, there are a lot of things to consider when searching for that perfect men’s wedding or engagement rings. It does not even revolve around the type of stone or gem embellishment you like. The most critical decision lies on the material it is made up. To go a bit more in depth on this matter, below are the major questions most couples ask each other.

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What kind of lifestyle will it be exposed to?

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Are you always inside your office? Do you play sports? The answer to these questions will help you determine the kind of wear and tear your best ring might be exposed to. You’d always go for an eternity band that will withstand the test of time.

If you work in the manufacturing or service sector where you always use your hands, then go for platinum metal ring. But if you are more attracted to using golden pieces, then those with lower karat would be the best choice. Gold in its pure state is malleable and ductile so it is more prone to scratches. To avoid this, it has to be combined with another type of metal. For men who lives in an active lifestyle, rings made out of tungsten or titanium are highly recommended; they’re incredibly durable.

What is the Best men’s rings design or style?

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Are you thinking about a stylish ring with prongs holding a gemstone? How big or heavy would the precious stone be? Aside from wear and tear exposure, you’d also want to check if your choice of material can hold the gem securely. Although expert jewelers can always find a way, strength and durability are significant factors to consider. For prong-set with sizable gemstone, tungsten and titanium men’s rings are the perfect choice.

What will you engrave?

If you want engraving, silver and gold metal rings are fine but tungsten and titanium metals are the most preferred. Although there are other things to consider if your wedding or engagement band can be engraved with something, it is always best to talk with your chosen men’s ring jeweler or provider.

What kind of maintenance mens rings require?

Some metals require diligent upkeep while others don’t. So it is very important to think about the time and effort you can afford for this. If you want minimal maintenance, then go for 14 karat gold men’s rings. They are durable and do not scratch easily. But of course, you’d have to follow the suggested cleaning schedule to maintain their shine and luster. For white gold rings, you’d need rhodium for cleaning, which has to be done often; whereas silver rings for men doesn’t need constant refinishing because the color doesn’t fade.

Where does the metal come from?

Men’s ring creations can be very stunning but you have to know the origin of the metals used. It should be sourced from recognized and certified metal dealers. Couples are encouraged to support jewelers who got their materials from responsible mining companies.

Hopefully, those questions can help you decide which metal to choose. So are you going for silver, gold or a combination men’s ring? Ultimately, best rings for men it’s not really about your choice of style but more of your lifestyle.

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