Should i Purchase Matching Bands or Different Wedding Rings?

Imagine piercing your wedding rings on you finger.

This is a new trend that is seen to be growing as a choice for couples and There are hundreds of other styles of jewelry rings for men’s and women’s.

No matter what fashion trend are you following there is always a question:

Will you choose matching or different wedding rings?

Going from love and commitment relationship to wedding motivates couples to buy two rings
that look alike, to show their unity in wedding day when likeness can really be noticed.

Before going deeper into this post, look at the following examples in picture below:

Matching tungsten ring for couple.

Anniversary Men & Women, Black Wedding Band, Dome Tungsten, Comfort Fit, Matching tungsten ring for couple

Bridal wedding rings with rose gold color for ladies and black for men.

Matching titanium rings.

mens rings, Matte Black Titanium Mens Wedding Band, Men's Titanium Wedding Band, Hypoallergenic Men's Ring, matching titanium rings

Titanium wedding rings with same color and design.

Matching fashion ring for men and women.

Matching fashion ring for men and women

Matching rings with different color and different metal with monkey crown king design.

You see it the sky is the only limit of jewelry designer when it comes to matching wedding rings.

Matching bands have a story.

From the pharaohs to the roman empire and until the last century rings in summer exchange
in the wedding ceremony,

and today in the united state matched set is the traditional choice of the couples.

Matching Wedding Bands benefits.

There are many positive points to wear unified ring but we see 3 of them that are really essential:

  1. You support your tastes with tradition and show that its value is important to you and your spouse.
  2. Matching ring is an excellent positive sign of your unit.
  3. Bride and grooms wedding bands match set confirms that your couple has an identical taste.

Non-matching wedding rings the birth in our culture.

different wedding ring are the result of a million new trend of fashion and different style.

however, couples find that wearing different rings has a positive point:

  • choose a ring you will be happy wearing.
  • you are free to choose a rings that reflects your everyday style.
  • you can choose a safety rings that goes with your work.

Choice of a matching set may have more than one figure.

In many cases couples do not agree on having unified bands (sometimes women’s tend to want a fine wedding ring while the man will love having tungsten ring with masculine design for example),

but having the same jewelry design is not the only way to match your wedding bands.

so that you can find a happy medium I propose you it is three solution:

  1. Match your wedding rings metals  but different colors.
  2. have the same wedding bands colors but not the same.
  3. match the style of your set but not the same metal.

Of course there is another combination that you can discuss before choosing totally different rings.

read our post: “What Is The Perfect Wedding Rings Durability, Price, Colors.

Custom matching bands.

Custom matching rings.

You can also match your bands with a custom engraved quote although it is of different metals color or style or choose a fingerprint Rings.

explore writing make, as your unit symbol although the rings are not similar if you need inspiration read this talk on “goodreads wedding quote“.




Should your wedding band match your engagement ring exactly?

If you want to keep your engagement ring in tune with the big day band, creating your set according to the color of the engagement ring, will solve your worries.

Jeweler offers complement to engagement rings.

You must base your search a matching metal of your precious engagement jewelry, the shape also will influence you to match your bands.

However searching for men’s wedding bands is less complicated as in the majority of cases the choices are simplicity.

Big day jewelry is the fruit of love Let yourself be guided by your feelings You have been the only one to see what is best for your couples.

yes this is the end of this post, leave your opinion is important! that it is the best choice for the big day: matching or different rings?

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