How to Accurately Measure Mens Ring Size Online?

Measuring a ring is easy; you can do it by yourself. It has never been easier to do things online and learning how to do things. It’s not the 1980s where you will have to go to the jewellers for something so small and manageable. If you can become an expert on Italian fashion online, you can do pretty much anything,
Here is how to accurately measure your Ring.

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Download a Free Printable Resource

The easiest way to measure your Ring requires you to use one of many free online resources. These resources are printable documents with circles drawn on them. You have to print them and match your Ring to the processes on the page.

This free resource from Tiary has US ring sizes from 2 to 12. These are the 21 circles drawn in the middle of the page. Place your Ring on these circles in a way that you can see the process inside of the Ring. Compare different circles until the process is just barely showing on the inside of the Ring.

As a standard, this resource has a purple line on the top you can measure with your ruler. The ruler should count it as 2 inches. If it does not, you have to print it again. To correct this problem, you will have to uncheck the option ‘Shrink to Fit Page’ or just ‘Fit’ during the printing menu. The correct choice will be called ‘Actual Size’ or something similar, depending on your software.

This free resource from the Blue Nile also has US ring sizes, but from 3 to 13.5. Instead of an empty circle, these are dark blue circles. The same rule applies as before; when you place your Ring on paper, the process has to be seen from inside the Ring with white space.

As a standard, this resource has an outline made which should fit a credit card. I have a ruler handier than a credit card, so I don’t prefer this standard over the previous one. Use whichever resource you are comfortable with.

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What if the Ring doesn’t Match Perfectly?

Yes, your Ring might not fit perfectly. Here the three main reasons for it. First, make sure that the page is printed to the actual size by matching the standard on the page with a ruler or a credit card.
Second, your Ring might not fit if it has been adjusted previously by resizing it.

Third, your Ring might not fit if it is made for some other international standard. For example, the European size 59 is slightly smaller than US size 9. But European size 60 is slightly larger than US size 9.

There is no direct conversion between them. So, if your Ring is made according to European size 59 or 60, no circle will be a perfect fit. There are dozens of international measures which do not convert directly to US sizes.

What do you do now? Choose the ring size which is more significant than your Ring. This is the golden rule of ring sizes. Even if you think you have a perfect size that might be borderline tight, choose the larger size and thank me later.

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The Ring Size App by Hitched

Gone are the days of fussing with printable ring size charts and getting sized at the jewelry store. The Ring Size App by Hitched is free to download and easy to use. Simply scan your hand and know your ring size within minutes. What could be easier?

Converting US Sizes to International Sizes

A ring size chart is a table which groups all the ring sizes used to convert a particular ring size internationally.

Maybe you are shopping somewhere which has listed their ring sizes in some other international standard. You need to know how to convert the US standard sizes to others.

The second page of this resource from the Blue Nile has a handy chart to convert US ring sizes to European standard, UK and Australia standard, Singapore & Japan standard, Hong Kong standard, and Switzerland standard.

To convert to Chinese standard sizes, use this free resource. It has all the previous standards as well as Chinese, but it is not as legible.

To convert from Chinese standard sizes to the US and other international, use this table from Kyllonen.

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