Mens Engagement Rings From Trend To Standard

Men’s engagement rings have been a growing trend for the past few years and Even top brands like Tiffany & Co are selling men’s engagement rings for the first time.

This trend is not coming from jewelers alone, because superstars like Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss agree with Beyonce … have expressed their great desire that engagement rings be a standard for both men and women.

Many years ago, jewelers once tried to market engagement rings for both genders where the market for women’s engagement rings rosed. Still, they failed to grab the attention of the men’s ring, and therefore, the efforts stopped shortly, so why is it getting a trend and talk of the town now?

In the last few decades, there have been many changes due to the gender equality movement and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

It was taboo for men to wear rings in most parts of the world. A poll was taken place which showed huge percentage is interested in engagement rings.

There are many types of engagement rings available; you can get gold bands, Titanium, Tungeten, or silver rings for men.

It might have been started as a sign for women to show that they are taken, but it has become a way for both genders to show their love, affection, and commitment.

Among many other shopping tips, the most important and most heard advice is determining the budget first. You must have read it online how much a “good ring” costs or that you should spend months’ salary on one engagement ring. We believe that there are no rules to it and you should not follow specific rules. Most of them are marketing (gimmick) techniques that jewelers create to sell their most expensive pieces. In contrast, you should always determine the budget by the financial situation you are in with the specific desires you have for your partner or to be fiance.

If you are looking for an engagement ring for men, you should consider three things(tips) before purchasing one.
Know his style
Before buying an engagement ring for your partner to know the style, shape, and material, he would prefer.

Here are some recent trends for men’s engagement rings

● Customized rings or bands (with each other names or their initials)
● Platinum or white gold is more preferred than gold
● New materials like alloy, wood
● Diamonds
● Black calls made of titanium
● and ergonomic designs

You can sneak through his accessories to know what style and material will he prefer.

Thankfully his family and friends can be of great help to determine his type. Consider the shape of the ring according to his preference from beautiful round-shaped to heart or oval shape. There are many shapes available for you to choose from.
Most people usually prefer a classic round shape or cushion-cut; others have a wish or something unique like pear-shaped rings for their engagement.

Diamonds, know the basics

If you choose a diamond ring, consider the cut of diamonds as it’s one of the crucial points.

The cuts determine the brilliance and the spark of a diamond. You won’t want a dull diamond ring for your engagement, would you? A diamond ring with the right amount is the sparkliest. Other factors you consider while buying a diamond ring for engagement are the color of the diamond and the carat weight. Colorless diamonds are of top quality. But the color of the diamond depends on personal preference. You may choose the color of your choice.

Colour diamonds are the new growing trend, and sometimes these colored diamonds can be expensive compared to colorless ones. Rather than getting a certain carat weight, consider the clarity and the cuts of diamonds. These essential diamond factors(cut, color, carat weight, and transparency are crucial traits ) do consider before purchasing.

The perfect size of the ring

It seems pretty apparent to get the right size; if the ring is too loose or too tight, it might feel like it is “not the ring,” the right size will help keep the excitement rolling post the proposal too. Also, you will have to send back the ring for resizing that might take days or even weeks depending on other underlying factors.


Getting your partner an engagement ring should not be a stressful process. You can apply the above tips when you decide to get one; you will know what exactly you are looking for what shape, color, style, material, and size. Without falling for any pitfalls or marketing traps, you will be able to get that perfect ring.

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