Ring Size Chart – How To Measure Ring Size

What is the ring size chart?

A ring size chart is a table which groups all the ring sizes used to convert a particular ring size internationally.

An example: it’s simple if you want to buy a size 10 ring with the US standard from a jeweler in the United Kingdom, using the Ring Size Conversion Chart, you can easily know the size you should buy from him. is size T 1/2.

Conversion Chart include the following country:

  • USA & Canada,
  • The United Kingdom & Australia,
  • France & Russia,
  • Germany,
  • Japan and Switzerland.

The size chart is applied to all types of rings regardless of their shape.

In the following image, a presentation of the Ring Size Chart

What is my ring size?

In the United States, the average mens rings size varies between size 7 to 14, and sometimes more or less. 

If you wondered what is my ring size, there are several easy options to know a perfect size.

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Why you should know your finger size before buying a ring?

Measuring your finger ring size is so important because you want to keep your ring to the Abbie of loss, that’s why precise measurements are essential.

on the other hand a tight ring will not be comfortable and therefore it can cause damage to your fingers,

especially as our fingers do not keep a size fixed all the time according to our daily activity.

How to measure a ring size:

The traditional way to measure your size is by the help of a jeweler, the next option that is very popular is using a ring sizer and ring mandrel is a reliable way to know the size matching your fingers, finally Measure your fingers for free, using string, floss, or paper discover How to measure

Tips: As our fingers shrinks and expand depending on the climatic temperature or our activity makes two to three measurements during the day to know your average size.

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