How To Measure Ring Size: Ring Size Chart – Online Converter

How to determine the ideal size of your ring?

In the United States the size of a men’s ring varies between size 7 to 14, and sometimes more or less.

If you are not familiar with the measurement of rings, there are several easy options to know the size of the rings you need.

But before going any further about ring measures and their charts.

What is the ring size chart?

The sizes of the rings are conditioned by a chart,

the international table of the size of ring.

First of all the inner diameter measurement of a ring is made in millimeter or inch,

then represented by a diferente measurement according to the norms and standards of each of the countries and continents included therein which are:

  • Usa & Canada,
  • United Kingdom & Australia,
  • France & Russia,
  • Germany,
  • Japan and Switzerland.


rings size chart

How to make a measurement (the traditional way).

you want to keep your engagement ring or wedding ring to the abbie of loss,

that’s why precise measurements is essential,

use a ring sizer and ring mandrel is a reliable way to know the size matching your fingers,

and as a result a comfortable ring.

In this video by “Beadaholique” online tooling website for handmade jewelry

a presentation of How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel let’s look:

Take advice from a jeweler:

Visit a jeweler and also a traditional way to measure his fingers to know the ideal sizes of a ring.

How to make a ring measurement at home

Measure your fingers for free, using string, floss or paper: if you do not want to buy  ring sizer.

Follow the instructions in the picture below:

how to measure ring size

Use size of ring that fits you

Firstly Measure the diameter of a ring that you have already worn,

then use the ring size chart converter below to:

Find your ring size

USA size Diam. inch. Diam. mm Circum. mm


Finally please leave your comment so we can discover new way to the best mens rings size.


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