Rings Style: Beyond Symbolism

The style of rings goes beyond symbolism, in this new jewelry era the designs are more complex, moreover, now for every men lifestyle, you will find a matching ring.

A well-dressed man warring enough about menswear invest wisely in rings this is a pillar rule on men’s style. If you ask often “What to Wear with” know that your ring’s style will make all the difference.

In this article, we’re going to share with you our go-to ring style for man, plus some style flash so you can decorate your look like a trendsetter.

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How You Define a Ring Style?

There is no definition of ring styles you will find this crazy, but it is the reality.

Rings lacking concrete definition have several style definitions:

  • Metals: Tungsten, Titanium, Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel …
  • Occasions: Wedding bands, Engagement Rings, Promise rings…
  • Shape: Domed, Flat, Beveled, Stepped…

Our definition of ring style is simple: the style of a ring is defined by its most damaging aspect (Design) compared to a dress style.

Following this rule here is our best style selection.

Rings Bands

Bands are the most well-known style of wedding rings. Rings bands can be designed as flat or domed the inner is often a comfort-fit profile. Let’s discover some models:

style of rings for wedding

This style of rings for wedding has practically five approaches, at the base it is a flat ring with two grooves, bevelled edges & brushed center of finish, the result is just magnetic.

wedding bands styles

This ring goes from a simple round shape to an attractive wedding band thanks to “Meteorite, Carbon fibre” inlays and domed characteristic.

wedding rings style, rings bands,

The way to make this ring wonderful simply by the high quality brushed finish, and, the polished inner profile

even with a simple dome shape deserves applause.

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Vintage rings

Do you want a ring that tells an authentic story? then you are among men who appreciate vintage style rings. But again, a vintage style of wedding rings doesn’t necessarily mean that the ring has been made for decades. It’s just about the design and that’s why it’s our second most loved kind of ring.

Vintage jewelry looks great with retro clothing styles like Leather jackets, light wash jeans…when vintage rings matched correctly your outfits the result is captivating.

Let’s see some vintage rings closer:

wedding rings vintage style

Inspired by the 11th-century Vikings rune words. Made in round shape vintage ring is perfect as a men’s wedding ring.

rings vintage style

This rings vintage style is all about fashion. Wear it as a pinky ring or any other finger to make you look mesmerizing.

Spinner rings

Spinner rings is a ring style which has interesting function, you can wear it as a casual style or as a thumb ring. The best part of meditative rings is the anti stress fidget, these rings keep you focused and give you the edgy touch.

Let’s discover some mens spinner rings:

spinner ring

The design of this black ring does not stop at the spinner functionality. The ring makes eyes clasp on it with the grooved stepped edges precise finish.

Discovering this new type of rings, the designer finds more and more inspiring options like this ring with chain and clock.

The spinner rings have a special appearance and an unusual style that encompasses modernity and luxury.

Cross rings

Cross rings for men are another type of rings that deserve to be classified as a unique style.

Indeed rings with a cross symbol like a Christian cross or cross crown or any other cross sign manage to walk that sleek line between eye-catching and fit to wear for any event, moreover, Cross style is a lovely way to show of beliefs.

A picture is worth a thousand words let’s see some of the best cross rings designs:

cross rings styles

This ring features the Christian cross symbol using the hollow method, you can wear it with any outfit style such as black rings are versatile jewelry for men.

criss cross ring style

Lords Prayers Ring” It’s a glorious way to preserve the imposing meaning of wearing the cross. And, at the same time, the ring is elegant and bold is perfect for men who appreciate classic style.

There are countless men’s rings styles out there than are presented here you may have already discovered. This is the best part of fashion and style.

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