How to: Silver And Gold Rings On The Same Hand?

If you have rings and jewelry in gold color, at the proposal of a silver ring you will certainly think to match it with your gold ring.

Can you wear gold and silver rings on the same hand? Yes of course, matching two or more colors has become popular,  you can wear them in several design and shapes. here is an example of the designer “David Yurman” of his ring named: (WAVES BAND of the WAVES Collection)

Ring made of: Silver and 18k Yellow Gold.
silver and gold rings

This luxurious ring is an example that proves that silver and gold can be matched perfectly on the same ring.

Here is another example of “John Hardy” this ring is made of sterling silver and 18K yellow gold for Men’s

John Hardy silver and gold ring for mens

Many other designers have followed this trend. That’s why wearing a silver and gold will be perfectly matched in the same hands.

For women’s the question may be a little more complicated if: wedding ring is yellow gold, engagement ring is white gold and eternity ring is silver with a yellow gold setting for example.

The only disadvantage if you made this mix : as the silver can wear away the gold (Over many years).

Since there is no universal notion that discourages wearing two rings of different colors in the same hand,

many think they look lovely together.

Rings always carries a symbol in them which is dear to us, but if you don’t like the mixed look buying an alternative

wedding rings that will match with your current rings will be a solution for you.

Our final judgment: mix of silver and gold ring is a trendy choice and it is a beautiful look together.

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