Tungsten vs Titanium: who wins? Confront Hardness, Weight, Color, Price.

in 2018 “The New York Time” publishes “The New Appeal of Men’s Jewelry” it describes how men’s jewelry has become a very big trend, and the evolution of the jewelry market that followed to satisfy mens.

with all the trend there are new questions and among it: What would be the best option tungsten or titanium?

Tungsten vs titanium

I will compare tungsten vs titanium as two champions in an eternal competition,

if the hardness can be the argument of purchase for some men the weight can be it also for other.

we will compare in this post the difference between tungsten vs titanium.

So let’s cover the 4 most important element: hardness, weight, color, and price.

Tungsten vs Titanium:


Both tungsten and titanium have an incomparable hardening, which will last a lives,

but the hand is sticking in favor of tungsten which is in the scale of Mohs hardness scale are 4 times harder than the titanium.


titanium is a very light metal  and will be an excellent choice for the person who likes to wear several ring for example, unlike tungsten known for its heavy weight of jewels.


tungsten and titanium both have a natural silvery color, the difference is in the reflection the tungsten has a less luminous reflection than titanium.

know that both can be offered in several colors such as black, gold, blue …


Tungsten and titanium, both have a cheap price compared to the other precious metal,

however tungsten is slightly more expensive than titanium, but this element may vary depending on each industry, design, time of creation and manufacture and sellers.

Conclusion: we have seen that tungsten and titanium have each strong point both are hardness, in spite of the design and tastes they can be chosen without even knowing this element as one of our favorite jewelry.

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