Tungsten Mens Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Tungsten rings are the absolute choice of mens for wedding bands, or to mark a future commitment, the popularity of tungsten is absolutely dominant. It reigns on the world of jewelry for mens, hence the importance of knowing all about this beautiful mens rings.

We will cover all the questions about tungsten rings.

Why a tungsten ring?

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Imagine that: you are preparing your wedding, your engagement or to deepen your relationship you would be looking for the best option to buy a wedding rings set, men’s wedding band or best gift for him, in this case tungsten rings will be among your choice.

Tungsten is a metal that has been used for decades mostly in manufacturing. Tungsten is one of the hardest metals in the world which makes it quite desirable for industrial work. But in recent years, tungsten has become quite popular for rings. There are good reasons why Tungsten wedding bands is the right choice for men.

Durable: Arguably the most important reason is that tungsten is a material that is durable and long-lasting. Because tungsten is so strong, it is quite scratch and impact resistant. This means that it will take considerable force to do any damage to a tungsten ring. So, over the years your ring will still remain in like-new condition with little need for maintenance apart from occasionally wiping off the dirt and oils that might collect on the surface.

a ring that will be worn eternally reflecting love and commitment, behind this success its strength and durability, so if you are going to choose and buy a tungsten ring for your wedding, engagement or as a gifts.

Great this post is for you.

It’s important to know useful information and details, and that’s what we’ll see in detail today.
read this post of quick tips 9 reason to choose tungsten rings.

The History of Tungsten rings.

The world of jewelry has seen the birth of the tungsten ring starting from the year 1960 by “RADO” who created the first tungsten watch and is distinguished by its scratch-resistant property,

although the tungsten in itself which means (heavy stone) was extracted in the 16th century by “Juan Jose de Elhuyar and his brother Fausto”, a time when gold and diamond jewelry was the most used.

you want more information read this post on tungsten history

The difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide rings.

What is the difference between the tungsten ring and tungsten Carbide?

begin with this question because without indication on this subject the difference will pass totally unnoticed and that’s the first thing you should know if you want to buy a tungsten ring.

There is a big difference between the tungsten alone and the tungsten carbide:

the first is forged and made individually the second is an alloy combine essentially with carbon or other metal such as Titanium, Chrome, nickel, tantalum.

What is the difference for you in simple words?

Tungsten is placed 7th in the Mohs scale of hardness, and combined with carbon becomes Tungsten carbide, it goes to 9 this directly after diamond.

The Pros and Cons of Tungsten Mens Rings.

Are you wondering about the pros and cons of men’s tungsten rings?

Well tungsten is recognized for its durability we will detail you the advantage and disadvantage of this precious metal in the following List.

10 tungsten rings Pros:

  1. Tungsten rings highly scratch resistant
  2. never oxidize
  3. Tungsten never fade under normal wear
  4. keep luster over time
  5. Hypoallergenic
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Are affordable than traditional metal rings
  8. Multiple beautiful metal color similar to that of stainless steel
  9. laser engraved it’s fast and easy free most time to get unique tungsten ring.
  10. Fashion designs not possible with traditional metal

3 Tungsten Rings Cons:

  1. Tungsten rings can break
  2. The weight: rings have a heavy weight
  3. you can’t re-adjusted

larsonjewelers.com we publish an article named: Tungsten rings Pros & Cons to Facts & Myths which takes again it is point in details.

Tungsten Mens Rings Price:

This may be the primary reason that so many men choose tungsten.

A good mens tungsten ring is a fraction of the cost compared to precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum.

In fact, many tungsten rings for men are priced so low that many will buy two or three just to have something

different to wear depending on the day.

But do not let the low-price fool you into thinking that tungsten is of low quality.

Quite the contrary, tungsten is quite durable, easy to maintain, will keep its like-new appearance for many years, and

will not dent the wallet.

However, there are one issues with tungsten rings that you should know about before making a purchase that we are

going to see is rings size.

How to destroy tungsten bands?

A video is worth a thousand words discover how to break a tungsten ring in a few minutes.

By Everlastjewelry an old but reliable resource video

Are tungsten rings safe?

Tungsten rings are neither indestructible nor unbreakable and men’s and women’s can wear it safely, because  you

can easily remove them in emergency situation under a sufficient pressure.

So Why Tungsten Crack?

Pure tungsten is quite hard, but also quite brittle.

That makes it easier to crack compared to the softer precious metals such as gold or silver.

However, most tungsten is mixed with other materials such as carbon, nickel, or cobalt which provides added

durability so that it does not crack as easily.

But keep in mind that cobalt and nickel might cause irritation to the skin. While carbon seems to be hypoallergenic.

When? Where? Why Wear a Tungsten ring?

Tungsten ring are jewels that have no particular event they are perfect as an engagement or wedding bands, or can be worn as a promise ring and also a unique piece of fashion in your wardrobe for your outing, party, at professional environment & unifying style of this ring allows you to wear them with all your clothes and looks.

How to Resize A Tungsten Rings for men?

tungsten mens rings

Another downside is that if your finger changes size over the years, tungsten rings cannot be resized. Unlike gold which is soft and malleable enough to be easily resized, once a tungsten ring is set it cannot change its internal size. However, if your finger grows a little, it’s possible that the inside of the ring can be hollowed out a little more, but that’s about it.

The question about the size of tungsten rings for men or womens is so important because you did not want to present your love or engagement with a gift or ring that should be exchanged.
There is a ton of guide on internet or may you have a ring sizer the question can cause you confusion.


reason why you have to take it well it is measured at least 3 times a day to know the average size of your fingers or if you are not sure go to a jeweler.

a good quality tungsten mens rings must have a correlation between size and thickness:

“the thickness of a large ring for example 12 US must be 2.3mm and a ring with size of 6 US will have a thickness of less than 1.8mm”

Now assuming that the ring no longer suits you this is normal and natural (our fingers stretch far more than tungsten metal do) in this case how to resize your tungsten male rings?

If the size of your ring no longer allows you to wear it pleasantly, know that “Tungsten” is a metal whose properties do not allow a resize, however if you stick to the design of your ring or wedding bands the only way to wear it comfortably is exchange it.

How to engrave a tungsten mens ring?

engraved tungsten rings, Ice Wolf, House Stark, Winterfell, fashion mens rings

To engrave on tungsten band a memorable quote, you have 2 choices: use a diamond engraving stylus this is a durable method in time and your alternative is laser that you can renew when needed.

what are the colors of tungsten ring?

Traditional color of a tungsten ring is steel gray shade this said the ring can seem more or less bright depending on reflection of light and also the finish of the ring itself.

Obviously the choice of color is important especially when it is a wedding bands for him.

Buy a rose gold, gold or black tungsten mens ring is feasible by applying zirconium substance.

How to Find High Quality Tungsten bands?

the quality of tungsten or Carbide rings essentially depends on the balance between thickness, width and size.

As we have already seen in this post a wedding band of size 6-US will have 1.8mm of thickness and that of 12-US will have more between 2.3mm to 2.5mm guaranteeing you an incomparable comfort fit.

If you wonder: how to know if a tungsten ring is real? quality of the metal can be unveiled by a simple test of your parts use a clamp and grease the ring tungsten rings are scratch- resistant so the laband surface must remain intact

in this guide: Tungsten Rings Quality – Our Guide To Buy Smartly, you will find the 4 elements to check in online store jewelry before buying your Tungsten wedding band.

Tungsten rings are for men or women?

There is no subject tungsten ring are unisex!

But they are more popular for mens, and also a certain minority of women.

Tungsten ring look and feel are more masculine and reflect hardness.

Now  tungsten ring are available for sale in all sizes and thickness existing.

Tungsten Rings Are only for Wedding.

Absolutely not!

With their clean lines, quality materials and contemporary designs which last a lifetime,

In addition to decorative rings, more couples are choosing tungsten for wedding bands.

This is because of the unique appearance that tungsten provides compared to traditional precious metals.

The reasons are fairly straightforward. Tungsten can be colored, decorated, and etched with considerable precision

which makes for a unique appearance.

While the most tungsten mens rings are gunmetal in appearance, that is not always the case.

In fact, there are a wide variety of colors you can choose including those that mimic the appearance of rose gold.

Plus, tungsten offers other properties that make them highly desirable. This is particularly true for men who are

looking for a a wedding bands but men’s can also wear it as a fashion jewelry.

If you want to know the designer sideways trend of tungsten mens wedding bands that are the most popular read this post: Are Tungsten Rings Still A Men’s Fashion Jewelry Trends?

Tungsten vs Titanium.

Tungsten vs titanium

What would be the best option tungsten or titanium wedding bands?
I will compare tungsten vs titanium as two champions in an eternal competition, if hardness can be the argument of purchase for some men’s the weight can be it also for other.

Tungsten and Titanium Differences:


Both Tungsten and Titanium have an incomparable setting, which will last life, but the hand is sticking in favor of Tungsten which is 4 times harder than the Titanium on the Mohs hardness scale.


Titanium is a very light metal and will be an excellent choice for those who like to wear several rings for example, unlike Tungsten known for its heavyweight.


Tungsten and Titanium both have a natural silvery color, the difference is in the reflection the Tungsten has a less bright reflection than Titanium.

know that both are available in several colors.


Tungsten and Titanium, both have a reasonable price compared to other precious metal,

however, Tungsten is slightly more expensive than Titanium, but this may vary depending on each industry, design, time of creation, and manufacture and sellers.

Tungsten Rings and Diamonds.

tungsten rings and diamond

Tungsten rings like all bands can be set with one or more gems.
Diamond is a stone that adds extreme value to your tungsten ring both are very
strong and last for life.

How do you add a diamond stone to the tungsten ring?

The design of Tungsten men’s wedding bands is often classical and simple, however the addition
of a stone is also conceivable, and will give it an exceptional and elegant aspect.

The craftsman uses a special paste to obtain invisible glue and high transparency jewelry.

The assembly of the tungsten ring and the diamond requiring a precise adjustment and treated in order to conserve The 4 C of diamonds:

  1. carat for (weight)
  2. colour for (color)
  3. clarity
  4. cut

It will remain in the same state at the reception of the Person who cuts or sells your diamonds.

The laying of the diamonds requires:

that your men’s rings has a kitten upper part of the ring on which will be put the precious stone which according to the rings can be more or less raised.

The good news if you want upgrade your tungsten rings

if you wish to add a diamond stone and wish you see adamantine shine on your men’s wedding bands,

the assembly of the diamond to your Tungsten men’s ring,

takes in general only 24 to 48 hours maximum according to your jeweler

Tungsten carbon fibre men’s rings.

Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Rings, Carbon Fiber Mens Rings, mens rings

We have seen earlier in this post that tungsten combined to carbon gives us carbide rings.

Carbon fiber is one of the hardest materials, its diameter compared to human hair is much thinner:

(diameter human hair: 0.05 to 0.1 mm) (carbon fiber: 0.005 to 0.010 mm) its therefore very lightweight.

A chemical operation linking carbon atoms to microscopic crystals gives rise to fibers that are used not only for rings and jewelry,

but also in several industrial fields.

Tungsten carbon fiber rings have opened the door to the design and style of modern and innovative men’s wedding rings.

you may ask for some additional question about tungsten or carbide rings like:

Are tungsten rings toxic?

we have seen that tungsten is the most durable wedding band material.

but is there a toxic risk for you after prolonged use?

although there is currently no valid research to conclude that long-term exposure can cause damage or that tungsten

can poison humans. you can read the full report here: Tungsten Poisoning

Are tungsten ring waterproof?

you do not have to worry about it because the water will not damage,

your tungsten or carbide ring because it is waterproof.

Tungsten Ring Designs

In terms of tungsten rings for men, there is a wide variety that is available.

You can choose different widths, colors, and designs that best suits your style.

Plus, there are tungsten wedding bands which are quite attractive and pair up well just like rings made from precious


If you are looking for a wedding band or decorative ring, then tungsten may be the metal for you.

The designs of tungsten rings have never stopped evolving, and in 2020 we will see again a new style of jewelry made

in tungsten.

top men’s rings in 2019 are the inlay, Hammered, and brushed rings.

On the other hand the most trendy color is black, it’s still early to say that it will change in 2020.

The 10 Best Tungsten Mens Rings

While tungsten is quite hard, it can also be etched which means you can choose from a wide variety of designs.

This means that you can choose from popular patterns or if you want to spend a little more a custom design.

This means you can make the ring individual to your style and tastes.

In other words, you can use the etching process to make your tungsten ring a real attention-getter without being too


There are a few styles of tungsten jewelry that men take to.

These pieces add fashion touch and sophistication to the men wearing them.

But besides quality, what ought to matter how well a ring complements your wardrobe.

Check out these 10 best Tungsten rings for men to see which one you think would enhance your style the most.

So let’s discover some of the best tungsten rings:

8mm Rose Gold Black Meteorite Inlay Tungsten Mens Ring

Rose Gold Black Meteorite Inlay Tungsten Mens Ring:

This unique mens ring featured high polished black meteorite inlay and rose gold edges texture surface who make it

comfortable to wear.

-Available in sizes 5-15.
-Available in 8MM width.
-Polished Finish.
-Color: Black, Rose Gold.

8mm Mens Wedding Bands Black, Unique Tungsten Mens Rings

8mm Mens Wedding Bands Black:

This unique black Tungsten rings perfect for mens of every age, and it’s the perfect gift for any occasion guaranteed

to impress.

-Available in several sizes 5-15.
-Comfort fit.
-Colors: Black.

Silver Hammered Tungsten Carbide, 8MM, 6MM, ring, for mens, for womens,

Silver Hammered Tungsten Carbide Ring:

With polished mirror finish interior corners are rounded to perfection, as a result, a perfect comfort fit.

-Available in several sizes 6-13.
-Available in 6MM and 8MM width.
-Colors: Black.
-100% Hypoallergenic.

White Meteorite Tungsten Men Rings, gift for him, Silver mens rings

White Meteorite Tungsten Mens Wedding band:

this Tungsten mens ring look great worn with all your looks, the rose gold Arrow gives it a modern and sophisticated


-Available in several sizes 7-13.
-Available in 8mm width.
-Colors: Silver and Rose Gold.

Light Blue Carbon Fiber Tungsten Mens Rings, White Meteorite Tungsten mens rings, mens wedding bands

Carbon Fiber Tungsten Mens Ring:

The White silver color meteorite inlay and light blue mack it indemodable and unique fashion Tungsten ring.

-Available in several sizes 5-15.
-Available in 8mm width.
-Colors: silver & Blue.

Black gold Tungsten Men's Ring, Two Tone Cuts, mens wedding bands

Black Gold Tungsten Ring:

black gold two-tone cuts gives it a unique and elegant design. perfect for all events this black tungsten ring will give your space a sublime shine that attracts all eyes.

Tungsten Wedding Band Mens, Unique Engagement Ring Mens, Mens Engagement Ring, Mens Ring, Wedding Ring, Blue Inside

Unique Engagement Ring – Blue 8MM Tungsten Mens Engagement Ring:

Featured a modern and luxurious design this Tungsten wedding ring are the absolute choice for all your outing or


-Available in several sizes 7-12.
-Available in 8mm width.
-Comfort Fit.

Tungsten Mens Rings Tungsten mens Wedding Band, Natural Wood & Arrow Design ring,

Tungsten Natural Wood & Arrow Design ring:

This ring presente a natural wood & arrow design perfectly polished,  modern and clean lines, quality materials guaranteed to impress.

-Available in several sizes 6-13.
-Available in 8MM width.
-Colors: Wood/Silver.

Tungsten Mens Ring, stripe ring, wedding band, silver ring

Classic Silver Matte Brushed Men’s Wedding Band:

this classic featured incomparable comfort is the ideal ring for men’s of every age.

Rose Gold Grey Brushed Tungsten Mens Ring, Tungsten rings, mens rings, wedding bands

Rose Gold Grey Brushed Tungsten Mens Ring:

A one of kind striped Tungsten men’s ring, this ring featured a brushed grey texture and high polished rose gold

Interior and inlay.

-Striped Tungsten Mens Ring.
-Available in sizes 5-15.
-Available in 8MM width.
-Brushed Finish.
-Color: Grey, Rose Gold.
-Comfort Fit.

Discover all Tungsten Mens Rings collection


Today Tungsten rings have more and more unique designs and sophisticated appearances that have made this jewelry a fashion choice for many celebrities and the most wanted wedding bands.

Yep that’s it!  don’t forget to leave your comment.

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