9 Reason To Choose A Tungsten Men’s Rings – Without Hesitation.

Tungsten rings have never been as popular in time as they are now, and over the reasons for wearing tungsten band, it’s not just fashionable jewelry for mens, it’s also a new trend for womens.

Tungsten for engagement, promise, and fashion rings

First, the most important reason behind the success of tungsten carbide rings is its strength and durability, the same reason that diamond is the most popular stone in the world of jewelry, except that the tungsten does not follow the same rules because are more affordable in the walk of the rings, although it is 10 times harder and surpasses by 4 times the durability of titanium rings.

Tungsten is placed 7th in the Mohs scale of hardness, and combined with carbon becomes Tungsten carbide, it goes to 9 this directly after diamond.

The following video shows a quick test of tungsten rings for mens resistance and how easy to clean it,

9 Tungsten Bands pros:

  1. highly scratch resistant
  2. never oxidize
  3. never fade under normal wear
  4. keep luster over time
  5. easy to maintain
  6. more affordable than traditional metal rings
  7. beautiful metal color similar to that of stainless steel
  8. laser engraved it’s fast and easy free most time to get unique tungsten ring.
  9. Fashion designs not possible with traditional metals

How To Clean up Tungsten wedding bands?

Removing a stain from a tungsten ring is very easy, simply mix water with soap or detergent, then put in a piece of cotton clothing that you would use to wash your ring if it is with a stone using a toothbrush, then rinse it with warm water, and finally dry it with cotton it’s all.

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Unique design of tungsten rings makes celebrities crack:

Although tungsten rings are not the most expensive rings in the jewelry market, many famous men wear them in big events or for life and here is our little list:

  • Prince William
  • David Beckham
  • Chris Pratt
  • Johnny Depp
  • Jeremy Renner

How to destroy tungsten ring?

Tungsten jewelry is very strong, but not indestructible, using the right method:

The size of precious metal rings is almost constant, our fingers are not the reason why it is important to know that tungsten even hard resistant it does not come out of physics rule.

The traditional way is first to put your hand on a hard surface like marble, then with a hammer beat down the ring, slowly turning it after a few minutes it will eventually break into a piece that you can safely remove.

On the other hand, tungsten is cut by specialized tools as well as for cutting the diamond, so you must call a local jeweler to remove your tungsten ring as the following video presents it.

Tungsten is a symbol?

Tungsten ring is a symbol of loyalty, eternal love and commitment, it is also a fashion layer that you will add to your looks, carbide ring come in a variety of styles and finishes will satisfy all tastes.

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